Demonstrated Army Leader Fernando Guadalupe Implemented New UAS Training for Soldiers

A decorated leader with over 20 years of service in the Army, Fernando Guadalupe was the first to become a subject matter expert on many emerging wartime topics. His talent for leadership and his work with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) led him to field the Army’s first ever UAS training unit.

Fernando Guadalupe exemplified heroic service during numerous tours of Iraq and Afghanistan and in a range of respected Army roles (such as Army Chief, Battalion Commander, and Colonel). During his time in the Army, Guadalupe became a subject matter expert on a range of topics including unmanned aircraft systems and the Central and South American geopolitical culture. He spent decades researching obscure and emerging wartime subjects and climbing the ranks to eventually oversee soldier training units and implement stronger UAS use.

The complex field of UAS has been a recent focus for the Army and other divisions, and leaders such as Fernando Guadalupe research its use and impact extensively to enhance current and future policies. His studies focused on topics such as tactical warfare and FAA regulations and procedures as well as flight control of these various aircraft. Today, Mr. Guadalupe is one of only a handful of commanding officers who have an explicit understanding of tactical unmanned aircraft systems.

In recent years, the benefits of UAS have led to their wider testing and use in the Army. Through UAS, Army personnel can man drone attacks safely from a distance – protecting their own lives and those of other soldiers in the process. Unmanned aircraft can inspect high places or difficult to reach hideouts to take samples and images and determine if a target area is safe enough for ground soldiers. Beyond drone warfare, the power to survey large landscapes efficiently and safely is one of the most notable advantages of UAS implementation.

Ensuring soldiers efficiently use the technology, Fernando Guadalupe fielded the first ever UAS training unit, employing his extensive research and understanding of the subject. Guadalupe was able to equip new UAS scouts with necessary skills and knowledge to enact mission-critical capabilities for ground commanders. After their training under Guadalupe, soldiers operating UAS went on missions in support of long-term operations in Central Command as well as in armed reconnaissance squadrons and brigade combat teams.

Use of UAS is growing steadily in both the civilian realm and in various divisions of armed forces thanks to the proliferation of new unmanned aircraft technology. Demand for UAS is expected to continue rising, requiring dedicated work and instruction from demonstrated leaders like Fernando Guadalupe. He and other Army leaders share their expertise of unmanned aircraft to ensure effectiveness on the modern battlefield, making them pioneers in one of the most pressing and quickly evolving wartime resources.

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