Delta Power India Launches Its Fresh Internet Presence

Seeks to enhance solar power capacities in North India

February 17, 2017 – Delta Power India, a solar power solutions provider in North India, has now adapted a brand new approach with a refreshed look and better accessibility on the web. The brand is an offshoot of Multi Overseas (India) Pvt Ltd, which is a government approved, technology driven company dealing in Solar Power and Air Quality Monitoring systems.

This step by the company is in line with the highly technology driven policy of the in all spheres of functioning. The new version of the company website is not only technologically upgraded and reader friendly but is also mobile customized. All forms of social media will now be handled by a dedicated team of professionals.

People can expect a quick and proactive response to all queries. It is also the company’s endeavour to bring current news and updates regarding solar energy, air pollution and solar products like rooftop solar power installations. The format of all presentation is an easy readability and information is structured to be direct, updated and focused.

Mr. Vikram Hans, the Managing Director at Multi Overseas, said, “In India, we have been facing an energy crisis for more than 40 years, and solar energy is the key to solving this problem. The fact that India lies between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and we get an estimated 300 days of clear sky in a year makes us a solar blessed country. We will work harder than the past in achieving our goals through up gradation of our technology. This Website is the first step in our contribution to solving the Energy Crises”. 

On the issue of increasing air pollution, he said, “The quality of air around us decides how we are going to live our lives. It affects how we breathe and how we live our life. We have to adopt better means of generating energy. Switching to renewable energy will boost our environment. Air Pollution Monitoring Systems can help us be aware of the quality of air and amount of pollutants present in it. This would assist us in identifying the cause of pollution and finding best possible measures to stop it.”

Mr. Hans stated that Delta Power had widened its domain to contribute to preserving the environment actively. As a growing organization, the company understands the increasing need for protecting our natural resources. A developing country requires a tremendous amount of energy for functioning and progress. He said that an instinctive, farsighted approach towards the importance of solar power as the primary renewable source helped him in gearing up for upcoming challenges.

He encourages people to switch to solar energy and explains that, the solar energy, as the name suggests, is energy produced using the Sun’s radiations. These emissions are captured in photovoltaic cells and are transformed into DC. Solar power is a renewable source of energy and does not require burning fossil fuels and hence is environment-friendly. A major advantage of using solar energy is that it is in abundance and will be there to be used for many years to come.

Mr. Hans also explained that this team of professionals solely dedicated towards the social media network was formed with the motive to establish consistent communication with existing clients in India and other people around the globe. This will help in giving people a feel of technology at their disposal and let them understand the essential aspects of green energy and air pollution monitoring. Further, it gives the firm an impetus to perform better and produce results at a fast and more economical pace.

Both communication and a thorough assessment of the customer’s needs help in a big way in providing the best service; the company’s aim has always been to get more efficient in establishing direct contact with customers to serve them better.  Through the virtual world of social media, people can now understand the causes, myths, facts, results and solutions to the problem of the energy crisis and growing pollution. It is only through awareness about the effects on the environment by human actions that a sustained change in the approach of humankind towards earth and natural resources can be achieved. 

With the objective of creating awareness among the people; and contributing to achieving the target of 100GW of clean energy by the year 2022 set by worthy PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji, this digital campaign was launched. With a focus on an effective, well-planned digital media presence, the company hopes to educate a large section of people across North India so that they may benefit by facts about solar power and air quality monitoring.

Delta Power would like to reach as many people as possible, who might need help in solving issues related to the power cut, fluctuations and increasing air pollution.

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