Defense Tax Group continues to garner reviews from clients for their Tax Debt Solutions

Defense Tax Group continues to garner reviews from clients for their Tax Debt Solutions

Leading tax advocacy service provider, Defense Tax Group, receives accolades from individuals and businesses for their quality tax debts solutions

Defense Tax Group has grown over the years to become one of the most sought-after tax relief advocate firms in Los Angeles and probably across the nation, with solutions designed to protect individuals and families from the devastating effects of looming tax debt. The tax attorney specializes in settling tax debt, preventing and ending wage garnishments, the elimination of bank levies and aversion of property seizures.

Studies have revealed that millions of people, as well as businesses in different parts of the United States, struggle with different tax issues. Unfortunately, many of the people struggling with this dilemma find it difficult to get the best hands to guide through the path to financial stability. While there are several tax advocate firms in the U.S., many of them do not offer the kind of service desired to actually liberate their clients from the shackles of tax authorities. This is where Defense Tax Group has been of help over the years, saving more than 800 million dollars in tax payments, helping over 12,000 people across Los Angeles.

The tax firm has a reputation for providing back taxes help to all categories of businesses and individuals in and around LA. The tax advocacy service provider basically takes each client by the hand, helping them to find the best possible solutions to their diverse tax issues. Some of the categories of solutions offered by the firm include the settlement of tax debt without requiring clients to break the bank, removal of interest charges and penalties, as well as the removal of tax liens. Other services offered are the prevention or stoppage of wage garnishments, bank levies, property seizures, and the settlement of payroll and sales tax debts.

The firm’s unique combination of affordability and delivery of quality tax relief solutions has helped Defense Tax Group to become increasingly popular across Los Angeles, with accolades coming from different quarters. “With the help of Defense Tax Group, I was able to overcome my $35,000 debt to the IRS and settle for just $300. Without the debt relief expertise of Defense Tax’s tax attorney, I would still be weighed down with tax debt and still having sleepless nights,” said Peter Khory.

Over the years, Defense Tax Group has helped 10,000 people save more than $800 million, a feat that only a few attorneys in the United States can boast of.

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Defense Tax Group is a focused tax relief advocate firm that strives to protect clients from the effects of looming tax debt, specializing in settling tax debt, preventing and ending wage garnishments, eliminating bank levies and averting property seizures. The firm aims to help businesses and individuals achieve financial stability and enjoy a life free from tax debt anxiety.

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