Deck Head Games To Launch Kickstarter Campaign For Its First Card Game, Ducklings

LOS ANGELES, CA – Deck Head Games, the up-and-coming game publisher company founded by three alumni of the University of Southern California’s Cinematic Arts School, is proud to announce the launch of its crowdfunding campaign in support of its inaugural card game, Ducklings. The campaign will go live on the Kickstarter platform on June 28th, 2017, with an initial funding goal of $8,000 USD.

Ducklings, an innovative 2v2 co-operative card game, is based on the premise of assigning players their own flock of ducklings, of which they have the responsibility to usher to their new home, with safety.

Inspired by the Academy Award-winning movie Manchester by the Sea, Ducklings game developers were eager to introduce the element of parental anxiety and child loss in table top gaming, as they felt that, to date, these issues had yet to be address in any game of this kind.

Either already having children or not, players are challenged to ponder nuanced aspects of parenting, as they are called to make decisions pertaining to their flock’s wellbeing, throughout its unpredictable journey home, during which they will have to overcome surprise obstacles and unforeseen hindrances. 

Speaking of Ducklings, Mr. Timothi Ellim, Deck Head Games’ media representative, stated that “The game’s inception came to us during an undergrad classed assignment, where we were asked to come up with a table top game which would have a prominent emotional factor. Through Ducklings, we aim to foster a connection between players, by having them take on the role of being one of the two parents of each flock, who bear the responsibility to lead and care for their ducklings during the dangerous course of their migration.”

The company plans to share any and all news pertaining to the progress of its crowdfunding campaign and the release of Ducklings through future communications with the media.

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