Debt and Payment Collections Made Easy with Revenue Retriever

Norman, OK – Reminding tenants and debtors for payments due is certainly no less than an ordeal. A new mobile app, Revenue Retriever, now makes it simple and stress-free. Since its launch, Revenue Retriever has begun to receive positive reviews on how it makes the onerous task of managing and sending reminders a no-hassle experience.

Debt and rent collection can now be put on auto pilot. But Revenue Retriever is more than just a tracking app. Apart from sending automatic reminders on the dates when payment is due, it does many things to make life simple for landlords, real estate professionals, loan companies and other clients. Reminders continue to be sent till the payment is made, making sure clients never forget their dues. Revenue Retriever works even for those clients who do not have the app installed.

Among other features, Revenue Retriever allows a personal link to be added for faster collections. It can calculate payments made and the amount still owed. All data can be exported to a spreadsheet for analysis and accounts. A direct call facility is available, and clients can set their own SMS reminders and keep track of their payments. The app can handle multiple clients, and all data is kept only on the user’s phone for confidentiality.

“A great app, and very user-friendly. An easy payment method keeps my monthly payments in line for rent, hospital bills, vet bills, etc. Saves you from ever forgetting and ending up paying late fees,” said a recent customer review.

“Revenue Retriever can act as a collection assistant and a bookkeeper. This will free up your time. You will never have to chase people down again! Great for any business owners, membership providers, landlords, property managers, lawyers, loan companies, mechanics, etc,” said Sedrick Williams of Revenue Retriever.

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