D.E. Ennis’s Seven Diamonds Brings Suspenseful And Thrilling Alien Action

When Seven Diamonds by known author D.E. Ennis finally hits shelves, readers will be taken on a chilling tour across Earth’s post-alien invasion landscape. This book is full of action, sarcasm, and an unusual band of heroes who will keep readers engaged and rooting for the characters all the way through.

Set on a world crippled by an alien invasion, Seven Diamonds follows a band of survivors as they struggle to stay alive in a harsh, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Josh Pencetti, a former IT whiz kid turned improbable hero, is at the center of the action. He thinks his new job is to preserve humanity. Josh’s character breathes new life into the plot by injecting some much-needed self-deprecating humor.

Will Gantz, a mild-mannered police officer, has decided to tag along with Josh in his quest to restore law and order in the post-invasion world. Mag, an emo ninja armed with an icepick, follows along, completely unfazed by the mayhem. Not to mention Haterman, who wielded just a bat and a desire for extraterrestrial retribution. This motley crew of improbable heroes gets together to face the alien menace and the dark side of humanity.

An intriguing tale featuring science fiction, comedy, and adventure aspects, Seven Diamonds offers a one-of-a-kind reading experience. D.E. Ennis’s writing style is so captivating that it pulls the reader in from the very first page, transporting them to a dystopian future where trust is hard to come by, and hope is as dead as the telephone lines. The author brilliantly portrays the spirit of human perseverance and the absurdity of it all with a fantastic blend of humor, sarcasm, and unique characters.

The book’s snarky and sassy voice makes it stand out from the crowd and provides a welcome diversion from the mundane. The wit is acerbic, the banter razor-sharp, and the action nonstop. Readers will be on the tip of their seats, laughing out loud, and unable to put the book down as the mystery thickens.

Seven Diamonds is a terrific, thought-provoking and fun read. Anyone who enjoys a good chuckle and enjoys science fiction will enjoy this book because of the humorous flare and superb storytelling talents of its author, D.E. Ennis.

D.E. Ennis is a master storyteller whose works are noted for their witty combination of humor and gripping storytelling. Ennis has built a dedicated fan base of readers who can’t wait for his next book because of his skill at writing likable protagonists and exciting stories. Seven Diamonds is the first book in the trilogy, readers are sure to be left wanting more of his original and witty prose.






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