DDPAI’s Mola N3 Pro: The Perfect Dual Dash Cam Pro for High-Quality Video Recording

DDPAI's Mola N3 Pro: The Perfect Dual Dash Cam Pro for High-Quality Video Recording
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DDPAI, a company that has been providing car owners with the best and latest dashboard cameras for over ten years, has introduced the Mola N3 Pro Dual Dashcam. The Mola N3 Pro is a dual-camera dashcam that offers superior video quality for drivers. Dual dash cameras combine two video recorders, one for the front and one for the back of a vehicle. They’re getting increasingly popular with drivers worldwide, and they provide many benefits over other types of video surveillance systems. One of the most significant advantages of dual dash cam systems is their relatively low cost compared to in-car security cameras.

DDPAI’s new Mola N3 Pro dual camera dash cam has a front camera with a 140-degree lens, a rear camera with a 125-degree lens angle, and a 3-inch LCD screen. This allows the driver to view their surroundings even when in reverse. With its advanced features, the Mola N3 Pro is the perfect dash cam pro for anyone looking for a high-quality dashboard camera. It provides several video recording modes allowing users complete control over their dashcam’s settings and features.

A customer stated, “DDPAI’s cameras are not just dash cams, but they are also high-definition car black box cameras, accident recorders, parking assistance cameras and WIFI rearview cameras that support 360 degree rotation for you to enjoy free vision in every direction. Their functions are well beyond your imagination. With the help of DDPAI APP, you can remote control your car from anywhere in the world, set up a motion detection alarm system or find your stolen or lost car by GPS information quickly and easily.”

As one of the leading dashboard camera manufacturers, DDPAI has taken what it’s learned from manufacturing and selling over a million dashcams over the last decade and incorporated that knowledge into the Mola N3 Pro. The Mola N3 Pro is a dual-camera dashcam that offers superior video quality for drivers. With its advanced features, this dashcam is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a high-quality dashboard camera.

“The Mola N3 Pro features two 1080p and 1600p cameras to capture all of the action in front of and behind your vehicle. The front camera records every detail of the road ahead, while the back camera records from the rear window or from inside your vehicle when it’s parked. A built-in GPS sensor keeps track of the location where your videos are recorded, and an optional built-in Wi-Fi module lets you transfer your videos wirelessly to your smartphone when you get home.” Said a company representative.

DDPAI is a leading company in the field of smart and safe driving. The company is focused on developing and manufacturing good dash cam. DDPAI is a professional dash cam supplier cooperating with Volvo, T3 Go, Xpeng Motors, and other auto companies to upgrade the innovative cockpit and empower intelligent travel. DDPAI’s products have been exported to over 50 countries and regions worldwide. Users from all over the world have recognized their quality. For more information, please visit https://store.ddpai.com/products/mola-n3-pro.

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