DDJade launches special Valentine’s day discount on authentic Jade bangles and other products

DDJade, the popular online store has announced the launch of limited period discount on an authentic Jade bangles and other products. Under the special Valentine’s day offer, the customers use the code “Valentine-18” to get 20% off. The first time users can also use the code “FIRST-TIME” to get 45% off on their entire purchase. The brand is best known for their high quality and authentic collection of Jade bangles and other bangles made with semi-precious stones.

Jade is a popular stone used for making a variety of jewelry. It is also known for its healing properties and used as a spiritual stone in many cultures around the world. Jade crystal is known as the superstar in crystal or gemstone healing owing to its connection to the heart chakra and different degrees of intense shades of green. While a number of people use it as a good luck charm, for spiritual energy and positivity in life, it also makes a great fashion statement.

The customers can find the authentic green Jade bangle certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) currently available at a discounted price. The online store also provides an option to the customers to make an offer about the price they want to pay. The store will have the right to accept, reject or make a counteroffer to that.

DDJade also presents the rare authentic Jade bangle in a soft shade of purple and the authentic red Jade Bangle. The customers can also find the real petrified wood bracelet and real tiger eyes bracelet. Petrified wood is a rare kind of gemstone that is formed when wood turns into stone over a course of time due to external environmental factors. The brand presents authentic petrified wood bracelet in its natural color and at a competitive price.

Established in 2016, DDJADE is a brand committed to providing the most authentic, GIA certified Jade Bangles at attractive prices.

All the products can be seen at ddragonjade.com.

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