DDI Auto Repair Announces Launch Of Their Redesigned Website

“DDI Performance Auto Repair.”
DDI Auto Repair gets an engine overhaul with website redesign.

DDI Auto Repair, the reputable and low cost auto repair shop in Tucson, AZ gets a major overhaul with a redesigned website. The locally owned and operated auto shop has been serving automobile owners of Tucson with a great sense of commitment since 2000.

“We are happy to announce that we have redesigned our website to provide our valued customers a new and enhanced browsing experience,” says Doug Atwood at DDI Auto Repair. “The redesign was done keeping the interests and the convenience of our customers in mind. Our website now includes mobile-friendly features optimized across all devices to simplify the process of making enquiries online. The new website address is http://tucsonautorepair.net.”

DDI Auto Repair has grown their business by word of mouth for most of their 17 years of existence. Like many other auto mechanic services, they too had to deal with some of the common problems of business such as customers being overcharged by mechanics and simple, low cost repair jobs that were being done at expensive dealerships.

The popular and reliable auto repair company with a dedicated customer base in Tucson, AZ offers high quality auto repair at a reasonable rate. They stand apart from other auto repair services as they do this at nearly half the cost most of the times. Customers can save a tidy sum by utilizing the auto repair services from DDI Auto Repair.

DDI Auto Repair charges a flat $75 dollar an hour rate for their service. While most other auto repair shops charge a shocking 100% mark up on parts, they charge a fair 25%. Customers can get all the service and pricing details from their website which was redesigned to make the process of shopping for parts and services easy and straightforward.

DDI Auto Repair offers a long list of car repair and maintenance services to car owners from Tucson and all over Arizona. The services offered include engine check, front and rear end rebuild, brake check and repair, oil change, AC repair, electrical work and more.

With the new website we hope to provide car owners with tools and features that are easy to use and mobile friendly. The DDI Auto Repair new website also offers their customers a clean and easy-to-navigate browsing interface.

About DDI Auto Repair:

DDI Auto Repair is one of the leading car mechanics in Tucson, known for their high quality and affordable services. The mechanics at this popular car repair and service shop know how to maintain cars for the weather conditions unique to Tucson. There is a customized approach to every car repair job. Customers can receive a variety of services including AC repair, engine light checks, front and rear end rebuild, electrical service, brake check, oil change and more. At DDI Auto Repair, customers deal directly with the mechanic and the owner.

Media Contact
Company Name: DDI Auto Repair
Contact Person: Doug Atwood
Email: atwooddouglas@gmail.com
Phone: (520) 325-2094
Address:3147 E Greenlee Rd
City: Tucson
State: AZ
Country: United States
Website: tucsonautorepair.net