DCS Telecom Ltd. Providing Businesses with Leading Digital Phone Systems

No matter what sized business are you, or what phone system you desire, DCS Telecom is there to meet your needs with VoIP and PBX phone systems among others.

The rise of social media and online communication, businesses have had to double their efficiency to meet the ever-growing demands of their consumers. One of the major ways of doing that is having a top of the line phone system. DCS Telecom strives to make the greatest telecommunication equipment so that you can have top quality communication and collaboration.

Though phone systems have been around for decades, the need has doubled in the past decade. Consumers are not as patient as they used to be, nor do they wish to wait endlessly for the company to fix their mistakes. So, companies’ reputations are always at risk if they do not meet the demands of their valued customers. PBX Phone systems are vital for companies to work efficiently and quickly, make critical decisions and solve problems.

Located in Vaughan, Canada, DCS Telecom Ltd., has been a Samsung Partner for over 18 years. They provide small, medium, and large enterprises with training, support, sales, installation, and data and voice communications solutions. DCS Telecom provides scalable and flexible communications infrastructure for several industries, including education, healthcare, finance, government, hospitality, retail, transportation and legal.

One of the ever-important technologies in communication, VoIP phones allows the business to expand their reach to local, national, and global audiences. The technology allows employees to be connected at all times even when traveling. The main aspect of a business is the customer service. VoIP systems allow front-line employees to provide excellent customer service through the clear connection quality, faster solutions, and less dropped calls. With a quick installation and user-friendly interface, it’s sure to increase your businesses reputation.

DCS Telecom strives to find the right solution for all firms, wireless, data and voice communication needs. They understand that one product cannot fit the needs of every firm out there. So, their OfficeServ 7200 series is designed to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and simplify your processes. It has products that work for small and medium businesses, as well as small enterprises. Some features of this system include, 480 extension capacity, IP and digital handsets with ergonomic design, work remotely via VoIP, built in security and easy integration.

For more information about DCS Telecom, and their products and services, visit their website. DCS Telecom has been dealing with business phone systems for over 18 years. They have built an excellent reputation with their clients and partners through dealing with several well-known phone systems, such as Samsung, Cisco, Norstar, and Meridian. They serve customers with their highly trained staff and strive to make the process quicker and more efficient for all their clients. You can visit their website, or contact them at the number provided, to receive personalized advice and a full quote.

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