Dayton Lawyers Point Out Importance Of Legal Representation

Kevin Attkisson and Matthew Jewson of The Attkisson Law Firm in Dayton impart the wisdom of contacting a personal injury lawyer and a car accident lawyer or auto accident attorney during a crisis. Experienced in those areas, both attorneys fight to ensure that the injured are compensated.

Practicing as a Dayton car accident lawyer, Kevin Attkisson has helped almost 100 cases through the judicial system. A minor accident often causes major injuries. In these cases, proving that the medical bills qualify for insurance coverage requires legal action. The Attkisson Law Firm’s website claims that the Dayton attorney’s track record proves “the insurance companies know we are not afraid to make our case in front of a jury if necessary.”

Personal injury lawyers often assist with dog bite cases. These are complex and require knowledge of unique laws. An owner can be liable for injuries initiated by his dog if he fails to follow precautions required by law. Dogs are able to cause serious, long-lasting injury and marks. The medical bills and long-term trauma deserve compensation. The complexity of these cases leads The Attkisson Law Firm to “carefully investigate all the circumstances of a dog attack to determine which parties were liable in the incident, and why.”

The Dayton personal injury lawyers also practice cases of premise liability. These involve injuries where the owner of a building can be sued due to hazardous conditions on his property. The Attkisson Law Firm provides examples of reasons to initiate a premise liability case: “slip-and-fall accidents, staircase accidents, accidents arising from improper maintenance, failure to hire sufficient security.” Damages appropriate for the situation can be awarded to the victim to cover medical bills, loss of quality of life, and wages lost. Mr. Jewson contributes experience and knowledge to these cases.

In Ohio, the “Open and Obvious Doctrine” makes it more difficult to receive damages for premise liability. According to The Attkisson Law Firm’s website, the doctrine declares: “if a person of reasonable intelligence could be expected to notice and recognize the premise hazard, then the premises owner is not liable for any injuries that the hazard causes.” The victim must then prove that the injury was not caused by an evident hazard. A Dayton personal injury attorney provides counsel in these cases.

Wrongful Death causes significant emotional and financial loss. If there is a party at fault, the victim’s family can opt to file a Wrongful Death and pursue compensation for financial and emotional trauma. Car accidents are a significant source of Wrongful Death suits.  An experienced auto accident attorney, Kevin Attkisson uses his 16 plus years of experience to assist victims’ families. While this process is difficult, The Attkisson Law Firm believes “in one-on-one attention with compassion and support”.  

Mr. Attkisson and Mr. Jewson combine decades of experience to assist injured victims in the Dayton, Ohio area. Their three office locations, provide convenience for their clients. 

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