Day Orbit Technology launches an Indiegogo campaign for TS1, the smartest transfer switch in the market

There is no doubt that electricity and electronic devices have become a basic necessity for a comfortable lifestyle, which is why power failure due to any reason can be really cumbersome to deal with. While we have managed to overcome that with inverters, backup generators, and other power sources, they have their own limitations like difficulty in switching between distribution lines, backup generator, and other power sources. Manual intervention on the other hand can lead to errors, which may even damage devices. This is when the Transfer Switches come to rescue.

While there are a lot of options available in the market, there doesn’t seem to be anything like the newly launched Automatic Transfer Switch by Day Orbit Technologies that comes with a lot of exciting features. The company has come up with the benchmark AI-powered device TS1, the smartest and fastest automatic transfer switch that helps in safely switching between power sources during a power failure.

This highly innovative Super Smart Power Switch was recently launched on Indiegogo. With this crowdfunding campaign, the makers of TS1 are aiming to raise $500,000 from now till mid-October, and it will only be funded if it reaches its goal by the campaign end date. 

The TS1 is user-controllable and comes with multiple features such as a Anti-theft alarm system, key lock and magnet capability, making it secure. TS1 is integrated with advanced AI module for predictability, better performance and enhancement of user experience. The TS1 is user friendly and can be operated via smartphones, as well as through the control buttons on the device. Apart from being simple and easily accessible, it is also cost-efficient. It comes with an in-built facial recognition camera, which helps in keeping the database of all the people who interact with the TS1. Other exciting features of the device include Wi-Fi adapter, LCD Screen, LED lights, Solar input, Radio Frequency communication, and many others.

The TS1 works in three easy steps. Step 1 is to unbox, mount, and connect the device to the electrical panel, followed by the connection to the secondary power source as the next step. The final step is to control your home or business power with TS1 App or buttons. TS1 can be used for both AC and DC supply and it comes in variants for output ranges from 30 to 200 Amps.

Regarding the campaign, the makers of TS1 say, “We are a startup company and have given it all to develop this product to meet and even surpass the industry benchmarks. Our Smart Transfer Switch is ready to go into production and we need your help to make this project successful. We’re seeking to raise money to cover the costs to manufacture, market, and distribute up to 1000 products.”

The retail price of a 30 amp TS1-VAC is estimated to be $900, but the Indiegogo backers can grab this device at an early bird price of $629. The product will be shipped worldwide, and the estimated delivery is by January 2021.

More information about the product and all the rewards can be found on its Indiegogo page.

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