David vs Goliath: How a Start-up Company Successfully Competes with the Giant Sporting Good Companies

“You don’t need an endless marketing budget to compete with the big sporting goods companies, you just have to think outside of the tunnel.
– Dave Chandler”
How Running Belt Max, the company behind the popular running waist belt, is winning market share against the giants in the Amazon marketplace.

The Running Belt Max is a Cinderella success story, at least in the world of running gear. Giants such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas and others would seemingly make it impossible for a startup company such as Running Belt Max to compete in an already competitive marketplace for running belts. Well, no one told David Chandler, the designer of the top-selling Running Belt Max— an Amazon-exclusive running waist pack in the Sports and Outdoors category— that it would be tough-going to get their product off the ground.

Since its launch in January of 2016, the Running Belt Max has sold very well. In fact, several factory emergency orders have had to be placed because the running belt sold even better than initial expectations. Chandler claims it has been their outside-of-the-box marketing and great customer service that has brought their running waist belt to the top of Amazon’s search engine.

“You don’t need an endless marketing budget to compete with the big sporting goods companies”, said Chandler. “You just need to think outside of the tunnel, such as offer free product bonuses, give amazing customer service, and of course creating a superior product helps a lot.”

The team at Running Belt Max offers two free bonuses with every order of their unique running belt. The first is a water bottle holder. This small device has a rubber O-ring that stretches over the mouth of a water bottle and it’s attached on one end of a strap, and on the other end is a carabiner hook, similar to what rock climbers use. This can be attached to a belt or belt loop allowing the user to carry their water hands-free. A handy item to have when walking or hiking.

The second free bonus is an eBook that David Chandler wrote himself, titled, “What Everybody Ought to Know… the Right and Wrong About Running, Health and Fitness.” The eBooks download instructions are sent to the customer in an email after the product is ordered from Amazon.com. The attractive eBook has a lot of good information about exercising and proper nutrition to help gain a competitive edge in sports.

Chandler states that their over-the-top customer service and guarantee have earned them a large fan base. The team at Running Belt Max offers a rare, lifetime guarantee on their product. Chandler refers to their product guarantee as a “No-hoops-to-jump-through, lifetime guarantee.” If the running belt ever fails, they will replace it for free, no questions asked. Another customer service advantage Running Belt Max has, is their average response time for customer inquiries through Amazon’s message system is less than two hours, another rarity in the industry.

The Running Belt Max consistently ranks in the top 50 best-selling running belts on Amazon.com. Out of more than 20,000 available running belts, including running belts from Nike and others, being ranked this high in such a short amount of time was apparently a colossal undertaking, but there’s no question they’re reaping some well-deserved rewards.

The Running Belt Max is available on Amazon.com. To purchase the running belt waist pack or to find out more information about it, visit their Amazon product page directly here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017CVEPBE

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