Dave Morrissey Jr Subtle Strength as Giant Robot NAL in Chrome The Series New on Prime

Dave Morrissey Jr Subtle Strength as Giant Robot NAL in Chrome The Series New on Prime

Dave Morrissey Jr. and Natasha Coppola-Shalom as the giant robot NAL and repairbot Perdix in Chrome: The Series new on Amazon Prime with an audience of 150 million.
In the hyper action female superhero fantasy mini series with the pilot episode brand new on Amazon Prime, Dave Morrissey Jr. plays the gentle giant robot name Nal, after the character of Norse mythology.

Above: Chrome: The Series pilot episode on Amazon Prime with an 150 million viewers.

In the hyper action female superhero mini series with the pilot episode brand new on Amazon Prime, Dave Morrissey Jr. plays the gentle giant robot name Nal, after the character of Norse mythology.

Above: Dave Morrissey Jr. plays the giant robot NAL in Chrome: The Series, pilot episode on Amazon Prime with an 150 million viewers.

Chrome: The Series, features Natasha Coppola-Shalom who plays Perdix as a repair robot who comes in contact with the rogue pleasure model robot Chrome (Katie Erin Tomlinson) in the very first episode. Along with Dave Morrissey’s giant robot Nal, they then proceed to aid each other in kicking ass against the evil powers of an oppressive world of injustice. A 20-year-in-the-making project, Dave Morrissey Jr. and Natasha Coppola-Shalom filmed their parts of Chrome in 2019 and early 2020, right before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down all movie and TV production.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/FtOPSLiP9Sg

Dave Morrissey Jr. is a gentle soul, not weak, but gentle. It has been said that only a strong or tough person can be called peaceful. A person not possessing formidable energy is not peaceful, they are harmless. And there is nothing wrong with being harmless. But Dave is a complicated and intense man of vision and talent in his quiet demeanor. Much like Roosevelt’s saying, “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” Dave’s talent is big. His family has a legendary history of Broadway and New York politics. The tragic death of Dave’s brother William, from substance use disorder related issues, is one of the many facets of Dave’s crystal that drives him.

Pictured: Dave Morrissey Jr.

“My work is always dedicated to him and people who are are affected by substance use disorder,” Morrissey Jr. says from his New York loft apartment, “and how to educate people on mental health awareness through art.”

Dave Morrissey Jr. is an American Actor, Producer, and Musician.  He grew up in Long Island, New York, and began acting on stage in the early 90’s, beginning with the Long Island Shakespeare Festival’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  He has performed in regional theaters all over the country, most recently starring in Godspell as Jesus in Sanibel, Florida.  In 2017 he starred in indie film One Life to Give (as well as its 2018 sequel, Traitor) as spymaster Benjamin Tallmadge, helping earn the film nominations and one win in the Long Island International Film Expo, including best feature and best Director.  He has also appeared in Mr. Robot (2017), Bull (2017), Late Night with Stephen Colbert (2018), Civil Defense (2018), Grave Secrets (2017), A Crime to Remember (2017), and many other films across New York City.

Photo: (L) Domenico Del Giacco, (C) Academy award nominee Burt Young, (R) Dave Morrissey Jr. in Timothy Hines’ Charlie Boy.

Dave started producing with Bluebox Theatre Company, a company he started in Long Island, where he produced six plays and directed one.  Since then, he is Associate Producer for Future Proof, a sci-fi immersive theater interactive transmedia series, as well as The Hidden Ones, an immersive World War 2 show currently in an open ended run in Times Square.

Growing up, he studied under Broadway Veteran Deborah Dotson Livering, Casting Director/Producer Jeff Passero, and his parents, Terri and Dave Sr., who met doing Man a La Mancha on Long Island.  

In Chrome: The Series director Timothy Hines’ previously film, soon to be released Charlie Boy, Dave Morrissey Jr. plays the title character’s loyal friend and ally opposite stand up comic, Greg Kritikos’ and including cast members Academy Award nominated actor Burt Young (Rocky), and Kelly Le Brock, (Weird Science, Woman in Red).

Dave Morrissey Jr. co-stars in Timothy Hines’ Charlie boy with Greg Kritikos, Burt Young and Kelly Le Brock.

Charlie Boy director Timothy Hines says, “Dave Morrissey Jr. has it – that “it” factor where you can’t take your eyes off of him. Dave’s a consummately trained actor but one who has also found his game. He really understands his craft and everything he brought advanced the storytelling of Charlie Boy.”

Above: Charlie Boy directed by Timothy Hines. Starting L: Dave Morrissey Jr., executive producer Dominick Martini, star Greg Kritikos, director Timothy Hines, cast members Domenico Del Giacco, Annunziato Carbone.

Above: Producer actor Susan Goforth who plays EL the Reclaimer in Chrome: The Series, pilot episode on Amazon Prime with an 150 million viewers.

“We needed something very specific for the role of Shakes in CHARLIE BOY and I can’t tell you enough how delighted I am to have found Dave Morrissey Jr. for this very special co-starring role,” comments producer Susan Goforth who is produced CHARLIE BOY alongside Greg Kritikos, “And he was just perfect for the role of Nal in Chrome: The Series, a character containing great, measured strength.”

Above: Dave Morrissey Jr. in Timothy Hines’ Charlie Boy.

It was during the recent hot summer in New York during the filming of Charlie Boy that Dave Morrissey Jr. introduced feminist director Timothy Hines, (War of The Worlds The True Story, 10 Days in a Madhouse), to Natasha Coppola-Shalom who decided to cast her in a walk-on role in the film.

“When I saw Natasha’s dailies,” recalls Charlie Boy producer and Timothy Hines’ creative partner Susan Goforth, “I said ‘Who is that?’ Timothy said, ‘that’s Dave’s friend Natasha. She was great to work with’ And I said, having no idea she is part of one of the greatest filmmaking dynasties in the world, I said ‘I love her choices. This is what I’m always looking for. I want her. I want her for our next picture.’ It really is a producer’s dream to find an actress with such adept qualities as Natasha.”

Above: Natasha Coppola-Shalom, niece of Nicolas Cage, Grandniece of Francis Ford Coppola and cousin of Sophia Coppola co-star in Chrome: The Series as Perdix the Repairbot.

“When I first envisioned the character of the robot Perdix, I imagined her as subservient in the way that Merlin served King Arthur in The Once And Future King,” explains Chrome creator Timothy Hines, “I cast Natasha Coppola-Shalom because, besides having extraordinary acting abilities, she has a natural humble, self-effacing quality that expresses kindness and respect for others. So I was surprised when I first heard her vocal interpretation of this small, seemingly insignificant yet ultimately powerful repairbot character. She immediately demonstrated a strength and nobility along with the gentle qualities I had intended. By the second sentence I realized she understood the character Perdix in ways I hadn’t; she had seen into this creator robot, this manipulator’s soul, so to speak, extracting a multitude of facets to the character’s personality. Her performance is sublime. Her and Dave as a robot team are pure magic in Chrome: the Series.”

Above: Chrome: The Series pilot episode on Amazon Prime with an 150 million viewers.

Indeed Dave is an obsessively hard worker who is one of the producers creating the “Ultimate Viewing [e]Xperience: Omega”, which is a massive multiplayer interactive film inside of a four screen interactive film. The audience (thousands of viewers at home) is taken on an online guided tour of a dystopian media experiment, where the A.I. LUXOS has trapped test subjects in a media experiment that will go on forever unless you can figure out how to stop it.

Its Ex-Machina meets Willy Wonka presented like Robot Visions. It’s a satire on modern day media where you communicate with a Hollywood a.i. that is trapping test subjects for its data driven needs. The creativehe production company working with Dave is called Future Proof. Future Proof’s executives are Alex Chmaj (Executive Producer, Co-Creator), Jack Holmes (Executive Producer, Co-Creater, Writer), super talented live event immersive theater and interactive film producers.

Dave Morrissey Jr beams, “The coolest part of our work is that all the characters have online profiles on various sites that you can interact with and influence the overall story. Over two years in the making so far. Expect to come out within the year. Go to www.futureproof.site for more info.”

At the same time, Dave has a labor of love feature film in post production called Now Again on which Dave is producer and lead actor. Dave is working with Louis Cox who is the executive producer, writer, and director on Now Again.

Dave Morrissey Jr expounds, “It’s an important film about grief and losing people. Anyone who lost someone to COVID should watch it because it represents important lessons in handling loss from people who have experienced it. Everyone on the upper level of this film has lost a parent, sibling, or both, at a young unexpected age.”

The cast of Now and Again includes Natasha Coppola-Shalom as well as Broadway actors Jake Swain (Mean Girls), Rita Rehn (Nine original Broadway cast), and Allen Enlow (Sopranos), and Jon Freda (Black List). The story is about James, a young man who is grieving his brothers suicide, while preparing for his father’s death from cancer and coping with his mother’s newfound alcoholism. It’s true stories about love and life after loss.

And if that isn’t enough Dave has produced a music video Greatest Costume Party for Vanishing Lights, an 80s Retrowave music artist alongside co-producer David Ginn under New Retrowave Records.

Above: Chrome: The Series pilot episode on Amazon Prime with an 150 million viewers.

“Of course, I am most excited for Chrome,” says Morrissey Jr. “The character Nal is fantastic in that he is a giant robot created as a police officer, but people became afraid of him and consigned him to a century of working as a laborbot, essentially a “living” construction site backhoe. Nal is complicated, and a bit sad but he has hope and believes in God. He’s a robot with religion who believe’s he was created in God’s image.”

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/yEKtyn3z9n0

Above: Excerpt from Podbean Podcast “In the Passion Pit with Jay Michaels” used with permission.

Above: Katie Erin Tomlinson as Chrome in Chrome: The Series pilot episode on Amazon Prime with an 150 million viewers.

Like Dave Morrissey Jr., Nal, the giant robot he plays in Chrome doesn’t give up, keeps hope alive until he meets up with Chrome, the former female slave who breaks free of her masters to bring light to a world that had fallen into darkness.

Chrome: The Series has just premiered on Amazon Prime and Apple TV+.

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