Data Lake uses blockchain technology for the medical data donation system.

Data Lake launches a Medical Data Donation system based on blockchain technology powered by the $LAKE token.

In their latest expansion, the newly established crypto platform Data Lake is creating a global medical data donation system based on the latest technologies, including blockchain. Their services include a specific system that enables people to give or revoke consent to the usage of their medical data in a private way.

Data Lake provides data sets useful for scientific research and medical studies. Additionally, it allows donors to see all the operations related to the data that they have donated. The global medical data donation system Data Lake is creating will be a huge support to fields such as  Machine Learning (ML), particularly in medical imaging data analysis for disease detection, such as analyzing cancer screenings, and the potential to improve the efficiency and quality of clinical research.

Ligia Kornowska, MD – Co-Founder and Board Chair of Data Lake, says,

“Good medicine is evidence-based medicine, grounded in facts and data without bias. The potential for AI to find new cures and treatments for diseases is near limitless, but first it needs unbiased and representative datasets. Working closely with patient advocacy groups, healthcare providers and the European Union, Data Lake will be the first in the world to create an ethical, consent-based medical data donation program.”

Furthermore, the Token Utility of $LAKE is as follows:

  1. GOVERNANCE: Possession of the $LAKE token will allow ecosystem participants to vote on certain decisions regarding the system, e.g., the value of the ecosystem tax, supporting chosen research on a non-profit basis, disbursing research and charity grants in $LAKE, and more. The classification of the $LAKE token, including its utility, may change depending on the regulatory landscape.

  2. BENEFITS PANEL: $LAKE storage for a given time in the Data Donor’s panel will allow the token holders to access the benefits in the panel, such as healthcare & wellness products and services discounts, and educational materials, and more.

  3. PARTICIPATION STAKING: $LAKE storage will be required by business players such as Data Buyers, Consent Gatherers, Integrators, and Trust Entities as a form of entry ticket to earning from participation in the new medical data economy.

  4. LIQUIDITY POOL (LP): STAKING $LAKE tokens can be used for Liquidity Pool staking. 8% of the total $LAKE supply is allocated for LP staker incentives.


Wojciech and Ligia Co-Founders of Data Lake

The team behind Data Lake includes medical doctors and individuals from the MedTech field, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain worlds. The start-up was founded in Poland by a team of doctors who saw the need for unbiased medical data for researchers to find cures for diseases and power ethical AI algorithms for research.

Members of the public who want to donate their medical data to science will do so via ‘trust entities’ – non-profit organisations who are a crucial part of the system as they become the trusted and legal controllers of donated data. The first such trust entity – Fundacja Podaruj Dane (“Donate Your Data Foundation” in English) – has already been established, and will begin collecting the first consents for medical data donation later this month. Podaruj Dane were the primary authors behind the Data Donation Manifesto, and have already secured partnerships with some of the largest patient, doctor and hospital organisations in Europe, including EIT Health, Alivia, and the Polish Hospital Federation.

In partnership with Podaruj Dane, Data Lake is the first company seeking to fulfill the EU’s recent call for altruistic data companies to jump-start medical innovation by ethically-leveraging data. New legislation decisions made in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Governance Act (DGA) frameworks make this innovative medical donation program now possible.

About Data Lake:

Data Lake is building a global medical data donation system based on blockchain technology powered by the $LAKE token. They’re offering people to consent to the usage of their medical data privately while providing data sets that can be applied to scientific research and medical studies.

About Podaruj Dane: 

Podaruj Dane is a Polish non-profit organisation developed by Funacja Podaruj Dane. The company is dedicated to facilitating the donation of medical data for scientific research by Polish donors. They are pioneers for medical data donation in Europe and worldwide, having created the first medical data donation manifesto which has been signed by over twenty international patient, doctor, and hospital organisations. 

Podaruj Dane Website | Podaruj Dane Twitter

For further information, visit the following links:

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