Darwin Fitness LLC announces the extension of their personal training gym

Darwin Fitness LLC announces the extension of their personal training gym
The gym is located at 110 North Orlando Ave. Suite 5 Maitland, FL 3275.

Darwin Fitness, a play on survival of the fittest, is a personal training fitness studio based in Maitland, Fl since July of 2020. They are now offering 2000 sq feet entirely dedicated to one-on-one personal training and nutrition coaching.

Owner, Jean Sebastien Fabre, has been in the personal training business for over 10 years. Primarily training in larger gym facilities, he opened his own studio in 2020 as a response to the pandemic and an offer of a safer and more controlled environment for his clients. He is now expanding his activity by doubling the studio size. Offering 1000 sq ft space dedicated to strength and cardio training, the red room, and another 1000 sq ft dedicated to functional training, the blue room.

Fabre shared, “All actions needed to take in order to reach a fitness goal must be progressive. You learn how to walk before to run, don’t you? The gradual approach is not only critical in terms of exercise load it’s as important when you want to build better eating habits. This idea makes so much sense to me that the link with Darwin’s evolution theory became THE evidence when I decided to launch my brand.”

The facility holds a staff of in-house, nationally certified and college educated trainers who train under the Darwin Fitness philosophy. Their in-depth knowledge of fitness, health, and nutrition as well as years of experience evaluating customers’ physical needs helps to empower and motivate clients to adhere to their personal programs and live a healthy and fit lifestyle. With their specialties in both junior and senior fitness programs, Darwin Fitness personal trainers work one-on-one with each client and know how to establish a healthy client-trainer relationship.

The one-on-one training programs at Darwin Fitness have allowed hundreds of clients to achieve their exercise goals. A satisfied client publicly praised the work of Pamela Figueiredo, Darwin Fitness lead trainer and left a review via Google, “Darwin Fitness is a facility worth its price! Pam took me from being an amateur to being comfortable using gym equipment in one month and continued improving my strength from there. She took the time weekly to personalize my workouts to my goals and communicated professionally in advance about my scheduled sessions. Outstanding experience!”

Darwin Fitness is expanding not only in square footage but staff size! They are now actively recruiting in house trainers to join the team and continue helping people achieve their fitness goals!

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