DarkLich.com Launches WordPress Comment Remover Plugin

Dark Lich is an independent online platform that focuses on sharing newly developed apps and software and also educating people about various WordPress plugins and tools through in-depth analysis and comparisons. Recently, A new WordPress plugin developed by the mind behind Dark Lich was released on the website – The WP Comments Remover is a free to download and free to use plugin that makes it easy for its users to delete unwanted comments from their WordPress blog. The team of professional software developers and WordPress experts behind the website are dedicated to bringing new information and software that would make managing and creating website much easier.

Dark Lich has always aspired to develop the software that are the pressing need of WP users, but are overlooked by many software developers. The idea for the WP Comment Remover plugin stems from the same place, after looking for a plugin that would allow users to delete comments and failing the mind behind Dark Lich got to work on fulfilling this need. The way this plugin works is simple and effective giving users more control over what comments end up on their WP website. With WP Comments Remover plugin users can remove pending comments using a keyword, they have the power to test how many pending comments there are for that keyword before removing them.

The plugin gives its user the power to:

  • Search pending comments using keyword.
  • Remove pending comments using keyword.
  • Remove all pending comments with one click.

The experts edify: “After a search in WordPress plugin repository, I was unable to find a plugin that can remove or delete pending comments base on a keyword, there are some great plugins to delete comments and I did check some of them. This was all the motivation I needed to start working on a WP plugin that was not only easy to use but also effective for deleting comments. I invite you to download the plugin for free and give it a go; I would love to hear your feedback.”

The WP Comments Remover is a free software, and can now be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository under “WP Comments Remover” or directly from the Dark Lich website: http://www.darklich.com/wp-comments-remover/  or https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-comments-remover

About Us:

DarkLich.com started in 2005 as a forum for its developer to share his ideas online. It is an evolved version of the old Lich BBS that he used to run from home. Today Dark Lich is a place where people can find tools, articles and more things created by the Dark Lich creator.

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