Darick DDS Spears Releases his New Album Penmanship

August 17th, 2017Darick DDS Spears has released a new Hip Hop album entitled Penmanship. The album which contains the hit song Save the Babies: has been released on YouTube.  Darick says that he dedicates his new album to the Babies, musicians, poets, freedom fighters, and artist.

The album is produced solely by Darick DDS Spears (under his company Elevator Muzik Group), a producer who is known for polishing and expanding the listeners’ approaches.

The new release follows a series of new albums and singles. In the summer of 2016, Darick released a full album entitled Breathe. Later in the year he re- released his underground hits Free Zone, Free Speech, Daydreams and I Hope You Can Relate. In June 2015 he released his successful and powerful EP album, The One Love Project. He has done several collabos as well as featured big names in the industry in his hit songs and albums.

Darick music is inspired by the events that are happening in the current world. In the new Album Penmanship, one of the hit songs is Save the Babies a song that he dedicates to babies, where he urges the families and the society to protect the babies from evil world. His former EP album, The One Love Project, is inspired by the events such a police brutality, injustice, crime and religion. His powerful music resonates well with the crowds and largely shares some emotional states and community narratives.

Darick has won a couple of awards as well as being nominated for a series of Musical Awards. His first song in his “One Love Project”, “Cop Killuz” was nominated for the Global Peace Award in the Hip Hop category. In September 2016 he received a nomination for the two IMEA awards namely Hip Hop Artist of the Year & and Hip Hop Song of the Year from his 2016 album “Breathe”. In 2017, he won a Global Music Award for his single “Paranoid,” from his album “And I Don’t Need No Hooks For This.” This album went on to be nominated for 5 Josie Awards, which takes place September 2017 in Nashville, TN.

Apart from being a music artist Darick is also a producer, a writer, and a performer. Darick has written an Amazon Best Seller “The Diary of a Stay-at-Home Dad: My Journal Behind Bars” among other titles. He also has other titles in the pipeline.

The music video “Save The Babies” can be found at the following sites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0TCGi9cuZM

Penmanship: Stream/Purchase Album(s) https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/darick-dds-spears/id996501148


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