Darel Long Talks about His Debt Journey Through DarelLLong.com

December 26, 2017 – Darel L Long launched www.darelllong.com, a personal website as a platform to help settle debt. He shares his journey with the world about the difficulties he faced while under debt that’s going to finish soon after 2018 begins and medical debt paid this coming October 2018. Darel Long also announces the launch of a few nonprofits that will help several people get out of life-related troubles.

Darel Lynwood Long, a Blacksburg VA based person, has endured major difficulty as a result from his six year custody case and major medical debt. His family, friends helped him in his hard times. He later discovered some real estate opportunities in the West Indies and used them to overcome his debt. He also started a site named Darel’s deals for additional income early 2018. Most of his debt cases will be resolved soon after 2018 begins and others by March 26, 2018, including the medical debt that will be paid by October 6, 2018. Darel expects the next payout to begin shortly after the beginning of 2018 for private and personal debt paid off and other debt paid off March 2018.

Darel L long has also launched a few NPOs to help people in need.  Believing that the charity starts at home, Darel will first launch the LongLocalcare.org, an NPO run by him and will host other nonprofits as listed below the proposed non-profits listed below officially begin after March 26, 2018:

  • LongBHSCare.org  
  • LongCARCare.org
  • LongMILKCare.org 
  • WestIndiesCare.org
  • LongSUICIDECare.org
  • donationSPIRIT.org
  • OATHSpiritCare.org
  • CATSpiritCare.org
  • VETRANSpiritCare.org
  • DOGSpiritCare.org

Darel Long aims to initiate with LongLocalcare.org with comprehensive information for needy people in his hometown Blacksburg VA, reaching to other areas, including Tacoma, WA; Greenville, SC; Dallas, TX; Miami, FL, and the West Indies.  Darel welcomes everyone to visit the nonprofit websites and Darel feels happy once the debts are resolved he can begin to help others after March 26, 2018 through his NPOs or nonprofit organizations.

You can visit http://www.darelllong.com/  to know more about Darel L Long and his mission or can contact him at:

Media Contact
Contact Person: Darel Long
Email: DarelLLong@gmail.com
Phone: 540.206.9257
Country: United States
Website: http://www.darelllong.com/