Daoment presents the Daoment Composite Index, a compilation of 500 largest cryptocurrency coins by market capitalization

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has brought a revolution into the world financial system. Especially after the enormous rise in the price of Bitcoin in the previous year has grabbed a lot of attention worldwide and the people have started to realize the potential it has to offer in making the financial structure better across the world. The number of traders has increased and so is the number of exchanges. Along with that, the need for analyzing the various indexes and coin signals has also increased. This is why Daoment.com presents full-fledged summaries of the cryptocurrency data that help the traders, investors, cryptoanalysts, and others to identify the trends and explore the various opportunities that come out of it.

Although there are a number of other coin index websites, Daoment stands apart by offering the Daoment Composite Index which is a compilation of the 500 largest cryptocurrency coins by their market capitalization. While most of the other websites stick to a data of 100 crypto coins, Daoment offers the composite index of 500 coins. This index is built to mimic the Dow Jones Industrial average in its function and purpose. Through this index, the users can have a look at the entire cryptocurrency market in one go and make an informed decision about their investments.

Daoment will soon be adding Mega, Mid and Small-Cap coin indexes on their website. It will be partnering with analysts to create indexes. The website will also feature indexes based on the various sectors which will be helpful to a wide range of traders. A market capitalization is found by taking the cryptocurrency’s price and multiplying it by the total number of supply.

Daoment may be a newly launched website but displays most of the useful information that the traders might need to make an informed decision about their investments and analyze the crypto market in general. The founders of this website are planning to add more features soon and make the necessary improvements based on the user feedback.

More information about Daoment can be found at https://daoment.com/.

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