Dann Hulbert Announces Fundraiser on Kickstarter for The Little Prompter Project

Dann Hurlbert launches a campaign on Kickstarter to finance his Little Prompter project.

Dann Hurlbert, a video production and theater professional, media and design specialist in higher education has announced the launch of a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for the Little Prompter project. The Little Prompter is a simple yet innovative device designed to make videos and can deliver content directly to the camera. It is ideal for teachers and business professionals.

“The Little Prompter is a concept that came to me from my many years of experience as a professional actor and director, a high school film and theater instructor,” says Dann Hurlbert. “The hassling experience with makeshift Teleprompters prompted me to think differently. This is a nice little device that can help deliver content directly to the audience without having to look at notes.”

Dann has used teleprompters for commercials and training videos all through his career and even for his own high school classes for which he created a makeshift one. He works with some really tech-savvy business professionals and faculty but they still have problems while delivering content on camera.

One of the main reasons for this is people becoming self-conscious in front of the camera. Today’s audiences are used to high quality and polished presentation and delivery so when they see a poor presentation made by a person who looks low on confidence, they tend to be dismissive of the person and the content.

Dann Hulbert has designed The Little Prompter to address precisely such problems. The first model was created using cardboard and Plexiglass followed by a 3-D printed upgraded version that included the advanced 70/30 Beam Splitter teleprompter glass. The final version which is shown in the Kickstarter campaign was created in conjunction with a medical device manufacturer.

The Little Prompter works with a number of recording devices. It is lightweight, can be attached to a tripod and can easily fit in the palm of a hand. Lots of time and effort has gone into the making of this model which is now ready to go into production. The Little Prompter is a wonderful tool that’s ideal for online instructors, video bloggers, consultants, and businesses delivering video content to employees or customers. It can be used by anyone needing to create online video content.   

The Little Prompter is being used by people in Wisconsin, California, and Minnesota. They are doing extensive testing with various versions of the Little Prompter. The numerous rounds of research and testing have helped Dann and his team in designing the versatile model that is being put for funding on Kickstarter. The product has been tested with various types and brands of laptops, tablets, webcams, and monitors.

The Kickstarter campaign by Dann Hulbert has a financial goal of $5,000 with a deadline date of 10 December 2017.

About The Little Prompter:

The Little Prompter is an innovative and user-friendly teleprompter, designed to deliver content to the audience directly through video. The device is best suited for teachers and business professionals as it delivers content smoothly and confidently directly into the camera. It can be a great way of making videos simple and sensational.

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