Daniel Alves Joins The Light Defi Group And Excites Investors Of Cryptocurrency

Brazilian national team player is the new partner of a sustainable project that has already reached RS$ 30 million in market value.

The Uruguayan group, Brillacom Light DeFi, announces the arrival of Daniel Alves as its new partner. In a scenario in which some cryptocurrencies follow declining volatility capable of generating distrust, the Brazilian national team player joins the Light Defi Group demonstrating all the potential of this cryptocurrency.

The entry of the soccer player will add to the group by generating greater visibility and a possibility to substantially increase investments. Investors are optimistic about the new partner, who brings together a bookcase full of titles for various clubs and now adds even more value to this amazing ecosystem.

The new partner will actively participate as a member of the group that owns a cryptocurrency launched in August 2021, whose company that owns the asset is based in Uruguay and has several fronts. The cryptocurrency has increased as high as 80,000% and reached $30 million in market value, being ranked among Coinmarketcap’s Top Gainers.

With a year that brought significant drops in the cryptocurrency market, the initiative shows the importance of the group’s credibility in a sustainable environment. After 05 months of negotiation meetings, the participation of Daniel Alves as a new partner will be able to overcome even more the market expectations.


Light DeFi innovates in the investment market by assisting in the construction of photovoltaic plants, aiming at sustainability and social impact. The deed of the physical area with more than 17 hectares also registered in Blockchain is proof of this ambitious project.

The goal of the entrepreneurs, and now of Daniel Alves, is to break the cycle of the energy crisis that constantly plagues the world, responsibly. The group owns a cryptocurrency that aims to build solar power plants.


Photovoltaic power plants aim to produce and distribute energy.

The cryptocurrency transaction generates a percentage from a fee that is reverted to the development of the project.

As Brazil is a tropical country that relies on the presence of the sun in much of its calendar, it has been a fertile ground for the development of the project.

Therefore, this business model strongly combats the cycle of the energy crisis that has plagued the world for several years, besides being a great investment in this globalized world that also suffers the same crisis due to archaic models in energy generation.

Brazil has the potential to be a world leader in the production of clean energy that sustains innovative businesses and ecosystems. Entrepreneurs from the Light Defi Group claim to be the pioneers who will drive the market and reach this level of clean and fully sustainable energy sovereignty.

If you want to know more about the project and understand if this union lights up the sustainable future, click here and also check the investment possibilities. [Click here: https://pt.lightdefi.org/]. [Legal representation Brazil: https://www.chambarelli.com.br/].

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