Dallas International School Offering New French Immersion Program (FLIP)

Dallas International School Offering New French Immersion Program (FLIP)

New French Language Immersion Program at Dallas International School to allow more students without prior knowledge of the French language the opportunity to embrace another culture and language.
Program to allow more students without prior knowledge of the French language the opportunity to embrace another culture and language.

Dallas International School (DIS) is officially offering a new French immersion program called the French Language Immersion Program (FLIP). Subjects taught in both French and English include: French, arts, math, social studies, and sciences, along with other subjects from the French and American curriculum. FLIP is a French-intensive program. Students learn and speak in French for 80 percent of the time.

New features of the FLIP program include:

• Two hours/week of U.S. math.

• Bilingual library time that includes story time/week.


• Heavy in French language 80% French, 20% English.

• Physical Education (PE) class taught in French.

Young students looking to embrace a new language can now become bilingual through the program. FLIP promotes bilingualism through core subjects (Math, Science, Art, PE). The program is a one-year intensive program designed to ensure that students will be proficient enough in the French language ready to join the main bilingual track with the rest of their classmates. As they progress into the years, their fluency in the French language will significantly improve thanks to the all immersive language experience speaking and listening in French as they learn, play and socialize as part of the unique curriculum.

The program’s vision looks to prepare its students to study and graduate with the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the French Baccalaureate diplomas by the time they reach high school. Both diplomas are based on a world-class curriculum and highly recognized by some of the most select universities in both the US and across the world. 

Catherine Levy, Head of School for Dallas International School said: “We believe that by preparing students from a young age with the capability of speaking at least two languages bring several advantages. Students develop a lifelong skill where they open up their minds and build well-rounded personalities. These make them adaptable for the exciting journey that life will present them.” 

DIS’ world-class curriculum makes its students compelling as they position themselves as strong candidates for university placements once they graduate from high school. The program paves the way for the student’s future and develops skills that allow them to pursue more in-depth analysis for every subject that they choose to study.

Catherine added said, “We are excited to officially launch the French Language Immersion Program and hope that by nurturing our students with a more global mindset will prepare them for the world’s opportunities today. The growing interest of families in the U.S. reflects the need to provide an education that is based on a world-class curriculum. We are committed to guiding our students and helping them develop a more cultured and worldly mind-set.”

The program offers students the exposure to a truly international community. Taught by our culturally diverse teaching body, the school prides itself on having 33 different nationalities in the DIS community.

DIS is accepting applications now for school year 2021-2021.

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