Dallas Fort Worth Pediatric Dentist Offers Ability For All White Zirconia Crowns Alternative To Silver For Baby Teeth

Dallas Fort Worth Pediatric Dentist Offers Ability For All White Zirconia Crowns Alternative To Silver For Baby Teeth
Dr. Baghai announces new series of videos, including testimonials, showing children’s teeth with cavities can be crowned with all white zirconia instead of silver stainless steel.

NOVEMBER 17, 2021 – Garland, TX – Today, Dr. Baghai, founder of BabyPRL, announced the official launch of a new series of videos designed to let parents and their pediatric dentists know that there is a new option for children with several cavities.  The videos show before & after photos, as well as parent testimonials, of white zirconia crowns being used instead of the traditional stainless steel metal (commonly referred to as “silver”) option which most parents are offered in this situation.  Baghai also mentioned that, unlike other dentists who provide the white zirconia crown alternative but are restricted to just the front baby teeth, he is able to provide white zirconia crowns for up to all 20 baby teeth.

When asked more about BabyPRL, Baghai said, “Your child doesn’t have to have any silver crowns, even if they are diagnosed with cavities on all 20 baby teeth. Being made fun of with silver teeth on the playground can be brutal, so we can help your child‘s self-confidence and help you avoid judgment from friends. We are the first office able to fix all 20 baby teeth with white zirconia so don‘t be surprised to hear it is not possible.  You are welcome to visit our gallery of beautiful results and decide for yourself. All treatment is completed in one visit so it is easy for our traveling patients from across the United States to continue care with their own dentists.”

The new videos showing before and after, addressing many of the common concerns parents may have, and video testimonials of happy parents discussing the improvement in their children’s confidence levels can be found here:

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5RO8J0znwWQszxqVmeA0_A

Topics include the impact of self-confidence on kids with metal or silver teeth, how it is possible that kids still can get cavities despite parents not feeding their kids sugary foods, negative assumptions and judgments from other parents when a child has metal crowns and showing actual examples of white zirconia crowns being able to be used anywhere in a child’s mouth instead of having to resort to stainless steel.  

According to the BabyPRL.com website, “Success is if we are unable to tell the difference between real teeth and crowns. Zirconia is so beautiful that for the first time it is tough to tell it apart from natural teeth.”  His website also emphasizes that zirconia is “stronger than steel” and that his BabyPRL method of using zirconia for up to all 20 baby teeth is based on the material’s durability, esthetics, and functionality.  The website also addresses a question he gets commonly asked about why most other dentists don’t use zirconia, with the answer being that since being a relatively new alternative that many dentists haven’t invested the time to explore this new option on their own.

Parties interested in learning more about Dr. Baghai and the BabyPRL method are encouraged to visit his website, call the office, and watch videos on the YouTube channel.  Media interested in the white zirconia pediatric crown option, as well as other topics related to pediatric dentistry, may contact Baghai through the same means.

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