Dalberry Technologies – New threats fought with new solutions

Our contrarian model of market participation has us focused on strengths, while allowing the market to pay attention to roles outside of our specialization.

Dalberry is fast becoming a premium player in the payment processing market. The one stop for the online payment industry. Our technology is built on AML innovative risk technology. Our professionals are committed to extending Dalberry’s disruptive technology to its furthest extent.

Todays payment processing market requires an extraordinary amount of technological flexibility, it must deliver ease of use for both the enterprise and the end user. Our solutions must provide unmatched secure technologies that are scalable and easy to use. Dalberry is offering more than just “me too” solutions, we are industry trend setters by necessity of the marketplace. There is cutting edge technology behind behind each of the major capabilities we provide.

Online payment gateway

Banks typical information processing infrastructure, both on the hardware and software side is complicated. So our approach is to add transaction flexibility by offering Direct API, Virtual Terminal and Recurring Billing.

Risk Management

Risk management is a multi-dimensional technology effort spanning white collar crime to merchant fraud.

Dalberry delivers the most refined options for navigation virtual security, our team is capable in both areas:

Programmers and analysts are continuously tweaking the technology so that it is never static, which provides enhanced security advantages.

All administrative guidelines, directives, mandates and statutes are maintained by a top risk consultant team.

Virtual Terminal

It is a simple option to adopt procedures that will support mail orders and telephone orders. Dalberry’s Virtual Terminal can be quickly installed to facilitate these alternatives. By avoiding a highly technical installation, merchants can be in place to take receipts very quickly. All the requisite customer data is supplied by Dalberry’s secure website.

Fraud Prevention Due diligence solutions must be constantly reviewed, tested and evaluated to be sure fraudulent activity does not establish a foothold.

The best fraud prevention system should have end to end fraud prevention protocols. Effective enough that customers never experience inconveniences or suffer any loss that might, in turn, hurt the brand.

Dalberry’s anti-fraud solutions work across the enterprise and can be easily implemented to avoid any risk to your customers. The threat of fraud is constant, which is why dialog within the company and with certain other entities outside the company. The Fraud prevention & Risk Management module provides a framework to reliably conduct transactions using the below mentioned guidelines. 

Effective reporting and dashboard

AML check

consultancy on risk

Layered security and effective charge-back management is always helps with striking the balance between prevention and turnover.

New Age solutions

Financial technology companies fundamentally threaten traditional bank’s core business so it’s imperative that banks innovate in their own right.

Dalberry’s portfolio of solutions enables financial entities to stay relevant. The ability to customize capabilities allows firms to remain in the battle for clients.


Delivering cutting edge services like gateway and wallet, the current demands of the marketplace are being met. Our offering allows banks to focus on providing performance capable payment channels for merchants which will full attention to growing the business and increasing revenue.

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