Daily Sales Record launches mobile App

Simple way to keep track of your daily sales.

Daily sales and inventory are often difficult to keep track with; keeping track and inventory of sales are necessary for a buoyant financial experience. Keep track of your daily sales and inventory with this Daily Sales Record App. In Daily Sales Record you can manage your salesman representative and let them sell your products. This would be greatly beneficial if you have more than one shop or selling points.

Features of the App

Daily Sales Record App contains several features that would give the user easy access and navigation. To facilitate easy and smooth sales we have included the below features to our App;

Daily Sales Record keeps all your customers information and contacts in online database so that it can be accessed from any device available to you.

Products; it is so simple to keep your products & inventory up to date by few touch. In addition, you would be frequently notified on low inventory.

Invoice generator; you could create invoices for your sales and send it directly to customers. Daily Sales Record App generates invoice on request. You can also choose your favorite invoice template from available 10 designs & more will be added soon.

Daily Sales Record App has an easy interface that any non-tech sales person can use it without any IT skill. Team has considered non-tech salesmans as most salesmans have very little knowledge of technolory.

Daily Sales Record App can also help our user generate report of their daily, weekly, monthly sales. In the sales section, users would be able to manage sales. You will choose your customer and product you had sold with price in this section.

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Experienced entrepreneurs & Startups trust our app and use it on daily basis to track their sales. We have more than 6000+ Entrepreneurs using daily sales record for their startups. We have also recorded 51,000+ Sold Items.

We have had several nice ratings from our users. Here are some comments about Daily Sales Record App. Joe Montaigne; “I have a small business and was looking for a simple app to manage my customers and sales. Perfect for my needs”.

Punklloyd has this to say; “Very straight-forward. I’ve been looking for a simple POS system and I find it perfect for me since I can change the currency setting. I just wanted something that can track my daily sales which is kind of semi-automatic but for me it’s perfect. KUDOS to the creator of this app thanks much!

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Company Name: Jigsaw Lab
Contact Person: Daily Sales Team
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Phone: +1 415 408 7309
Country: United States
Website: dailysalesrecordapp.com