Cytologics Launches Cell Processing and Isolation Services to Support Research

Cytologics, aglobal supplier of human biospecimens to support biomarker discovery and diagnostics development, today announced the launch of immune cell processing and isolation services to assist research institutes with reproducible results and reduced product variability. As per reports, researchers are often confronted by many challenges that compromise the accuracy and quality of their studies.

Biomedical researchers have long expressed concernin accessing suffient quantities of human blood and immune cells, low variability in cell populations from one batch to the next, and difficulty in isolating specific cell types from a heterogenous mix. To address these needs, Cytologics launches its services to provide high-quality, ethically-sourced biospecimens, using cutting-edge technologies and highly-skilled staff.

Key features of Cytologics’ cell processing and isolation services include:

  • Aseptic cell handling to minimize the risk of contamination
  • Cell separation and isolation using a variety of technologies
  • Robust quality control and assurance protocols for accuracy and reproducibility of results
  • Expert technical support to assist researchers with study design, data interpretation, and troubleshooting

Led by a team of immunologists and other experts, Cytologics has a rich history in the characterization of human biologic material. Speaking on the launch, a spokesperson for the company said, “We understand the complexities of isolating human cells and delivering results with consistently high accuracy.

“As such, our team uses flow cytometry, high-resolution HLA typing, and advanced cell isolation technologiesto meet the complex research requirements of academic institutions and biopharma companies. We provide services ranging from PBMC isolation to DNA extraction with an emphasis on quality and rapid turnaround time.”

As part of Cytologics’ high-quality, large-volume cell sourcing capabilities, the company delivers PBMCs, CD19+ B cells, NK cells, cytotoxic T cells, CD3+ T cells, and cell pellets. The company also accepts custom orders to meet clients’ needs. All blood products are collected at FDA-registered collection centers — meaning products are sourced under stringent quality and regulatory standards.

Cytologics also offers consultation services, which include:

  • HLA interpretation and analysis
  • Workflow optimization to reduce product variability, cost and development timeline

Beyond these provisions, Cytologics’ biorepository service helps researchers manage and conserve their cell sample collections, which are strictly monitored round the clock for humidity and temperature. To ensure optimum preservation, the biorepository is equipped with a backup power source to protect samples from power interruptions.

Deliveries are reliable, efficient, and timely. A strict temperature monitoring and controlled transport system ensure that fresh and frozen samples arrive to researchers in pristine condition. The company provides multiple courier options to ensure that client-specific delivery requirements are met.

About Cytologics

Cytologics Inc. is a biotechnology company that specializes in providing innovative cell culture products and services for diagnostics, cell therapy, and drug development. Founded in 2018 with locations from coast to coast, the company aims to improve the quality and speed of testing and reduce the cost and time involved with research. All cell processing and isolation procedures are performed in a highly controlled environment, using safe and reliable technologies.

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