CyBit and future of blockchain crowdfunding

The Ethereum blockchain based platform of CyBit has already announced itself to the crowdfunding global competition. CyBit is well aligned with the future of the blockchain crowdfunding mechanism and has got enough cushion to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances in the business domain. The crowdfunding mechanism started off just as a community-oriented mechanism, but soon it has become the center of attention for many multinational organizations.

The future is secure especially when it comes to the lesser transactional fees along with the legal avoidance of any local taxes which unnecessarily was looking to take the beauty out of the crowdfunding system. On top of that, the influx of multi million dollars posed huge threat to the platform organizers as any negligence or malicious attack into the system could wipe out the credibility within seconds. However, the system is secure. This security is first empowered by the blockchain mechanism itself and then it is further secured with the impeccable security features and the ERC-223 protocol used by CyBit platform.

Blockchain Crowdfunding is becoming popular very quickly. However, it will take its sweet time to become a word of mouth or making its stable position in the mainstream investment arena. 2018 is the year when lots and lots of individuals and organizations are anticipated to become an integral part of such a system. Just as CyBit platform sees it, crowdfunding or more so the cryptocurrency would very soon become the regular payment mechanism. It is mainly because of its ease of transactions, economical factor and little to no chance of fraudulent activities at all. CyBit is and will be a ray of hope for all those entrepreneurs who does have a solid business plan but lack funds to make it worthwhile. CyBit with all its infrastructure support and the platform powers would always be here for the rescue of such startups.

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