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In 2009, the Internet of Things (IoT) became the leader of the information revolution, igniting a new wave of global innovation, while biotechnology also brought in unparalleled opportunities. Haier Biomedical capitalized on the trend by integrating cryogenic cold chain technology with the Internet of Things at a deeper level, achieving a breakthrough in integration and development and becoming the first technology ecosystem listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, 2019 in Shanghai.

What type of organization continues to deliver leading edge IoT technology and innovation to the world? To gain further insight into Haier Biomedical, we were lucky enough to have some quality time with Mr. Chen Haitao, Chief Director R&D Department and Deputy General Manager of Haier Biomedical for an exclusive interview.

The consistent reality is that the product is king. Director Chen stated that the organizations new product development will always be “user demand-centered and market-oriented,” and that the development platform and the entire Ecosystem Micro-community (EMC), (Haier’s management system) will be integrated for various biomedical scenarios and needs, in order to develop a total solution including software and hardware that can more easily meet the customization needs of users.

In the recent decade, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has exploded onto the market. The trend toward interconnected gadgets such as wearables, sensors, appliances, and medical monitors has made it simpler to collect and share massive volumes of big data than ever before. According to International Data Corporation (IDC)’s estimation, there will be 41.6 billion linked IoT devices by 2025.

“Along with market demand, the product development also maintains abreast of technological advancements and undertakes forward-thinking research. To develop biomedical scenarios to be more user friendly, informative and controlled remotely, Haier Biomedical’s research and development team has been stepping up its game in artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, with the goal of significantly increasing work efficiency while lowering labor costs, reducing error rates, and achieving standardized operational processes. Additionally, Haier Biomedical has developed a strong technical foundation in the field of cryogenic cold chain storage, and we will continue to advance into the core biomedical field in the future to ensure that the company’s products can support scientific research in a deeper and broader biomedical field.”

Energy is a critical component of human society’s existence and growth, and environmental preservation is critical to attaining human society’s sustainable development. China State Council has issued the “Action Plan for Carbon Peaking by 2030”, which specifies the relevant requirements in enhancing energy utilization efficiency and reducing CO2 emission levels.

Finding a balance between energy and environmental preservation is a challenging task, but Haier Biomedical has always delivered its mission and developed environmentally friendly products. Director Chen stated that as a corporate and socially responsible organization, Haier Biomedical has taken steps to conserve energy and safeguard the environment. At the moment, the company is investing heavily in Stirling technology, an advanced cryogenic refrigeration technology that utilizes helium as the refrigerant, is environmentally friendly, has a high efficiency rating, and has a large cooling capacity, and can achieve rapid cooling in deep low temperature zones. Under the zero emissions and carbon neutrality goals, accelerating the industrialization of Stirling refrigeration technology has become a necessity for the development of the industry.

“Our ultra-low temperature refrigerators use hydrocarbon refrigerants, which belongs to the second generation of products, and the refrigeration efficiency is more than 50% higher than the first generation of Freon refrigeration products; and, according to the company’s Stirling technology planning and goals, Haier Biomedical’s refrigeration efficiency will increase by another 20% or so,” Director Chen explained.

“Stirling refrigeration originates from aerospace technology, and its higher refrigeration efficiency and reliability is in line with the needs of low-temperature scientific research field of the safe storage of precious samples; at the same time, Stirling technology can also give us a new ultra-low temperature intelligent platform that can be independently controlled, which will have a broad application space in high-end instruments, scientific research equipment and other fields, such as infrared detection and cryogenic superconductivity, to make reserves for future advancement of science and technology and expansion of high-end equipment.”

Director Chen concluded the interview by sending a heartfelt greeting to all Haier Biomedical entrepreneurs, stating, “Looking back over the last decade, two important words resonate most strongly with me: entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurship, in my opinion, is founded on innovation, and entrepreneurship also demonstrates the path of innovation. We have been contributing to the common purpose during Haier Biomedical’s expansion, and I feel the immense delight of innovation and entrepreneurship from the entire team. Simultaneously, the company over the last decade or more has realized we the potential to assist society and make a bigger contribution to the country, if not the globe, through the creation of solar vaccine refrigerators, aerospace refrigerators, and so on. If research and development practitioners can use their expertise to benefit society, and as long as they can apply what they have learned within the industry to benefit the country, this life is truly not a waste.”

“A platform like Haier Biomedical that is focused on technology research and development is uncommon, and there are numerous opportunities and challenges, so we should cherish this platform, maximize our value, and create something tangible through innovation and entrepreneurship in order to achieve our goals and create social value.”

Haier Biomedical has a long history for the development of innovation and breakthroughs in the biomedical sector; guided by the brand idea of “Intelligent Protection of Life Science” the organization is devoted to worldwide scientific progress and to Make Life Better through the most advanced solutions. Simultaneously, we always bear the social responsibilities of a global enterprise and work hard to provide a brighter future for all.

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