Cutting-edge feminine hygiene product is said to block odors and prevent bacteria

Dubai, UAE – February 25, 2019 – Pectiv, a new innovation in the world of feminine hygiene products is said to be one of the most cutting-edge sanitary pads to date. Founded by Lenizer, a Dubai based pharmaceutical company that was established in 2014, Pectiv is different from all of the ordinary pads available currently on the market.

What makes Pectiv products so special? The company has developed a pad that contains vital elements which are said to block bad odor and act as an anti-bacterial. The pad comes with a green chip of active elements including Nano Silver and Dynamic Anion providing a prophylactic action which they’ve found useful in preventing bacteria, odors, irritation, and itching that comes along with most pads on the market.

This “Pectivology” as they like to refer to it helps women all of the world to have a menstrual cycle that is much more pleasant. While most of their competitors are absorbent-only, which can cause complications for the wearer including low self-esteem and confidence during use.

Pectiv CEO, Dr.Abboud, said, “Our goal is for women to feel both happy and confident, which is why we wanted to create the most comfortable and odor blocking sanitary pads on the market. We have accomplished that mission and now it is our privilege to be able to share this product and innovative technology with the world.”

Pectiv has committed their company to help empower women and girls globally with the educational tools that will help them better understand their menstrual health.

All eight layers of the Pectiv sanitary pad work together for an improved product in the world of feminine hygiene. Directly from their website, these eight layers work in cohesion with one another as follows:

  • Layer 1: Made of soft cotton which is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.
  • Layer 2: This is our green chip core containing the Nanosilver, bio-magnet, far infrared rays and negative ion elements for additional health benefits.
  • Layer 3: An air layer that is wrapped in a soft but strong, porous paper which initially absorbs any liquid.
  • Layer 4: A superabsorbent polymer absorbs liquids and turns it into a gel which prevents any leakage.
  • Layer 5: A specially designed diversion layer that prevents leakage by locking in all the liquid collected inside the pad. This also helps to prevent any odor.
  • Layer 6: Another air layer with paper for absorbing any liquid that makes it through the superabsorbent polymer.
  • Layer 7: Made of polyethylene which is both breathable and leak-proof. It allows for circulation to reduce humidity, keeping you dry.
  • Layer 8: An adhesive made of high-quality food-grade gum to help keep the pad in place.

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