Cuplus, the innovative car cupholder will change the way people store beverages inside the car

Cuplus is the brand new style of cupholder for a car that solves the everyday problem of storing beverages in the car. While most of the cars come with two inbuilt beverage or cup holders, they are often filled with itsy bitsy items such as mobile phone, loose coins, receipts, gum etc., leaving almost no space for keeping the cups properly.

Cuplus is a unique product that can be placed inside one of the spaces in the cupholder and can be used to store two beverages at a time while the other space can be used to keep the smaller items. It is portable and adjustable as per convenience and by using two Cuplus the user can place upto four beverages at the same time in the car. It securely holds multiple kinds of beverages while driving.

Cuplus is designed by ComfortTrendNY to make life simpler by solving the everyday problem of storing the cups and beverages properly in the car. This cupholder fits most of the vehicle models from major brands like Honda, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Jeep, Lexus, Hyundai and more. It can be used for various beverage types including coffee, soda can, sports drink, tumbler, thermos, shaker bottle etc. If the customers are not able to see their car model on the list, they can also measure the cup holder size in their car and see the size guide to check if Cuplus will fit.

Cuplus has launched a crowdfunding campaign on popular fundraising platform and hopes to raise $1000. The backers can pre-order the cupholder at an early bird price of $14 and a super early bird price of $12 by choosing different perks. A set of two Cuplus can be ordered by claiming a perk of $30, the family pack of 5 Cuplus is available for $80 and the dealership pack of 15 Cuplus is available for a price of $225.

The success of the Indiegogo campaign will ensure that Cuplus gets into mass production and reaches to customers worldwide. It will be delivered to the contributors by February 2018.

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