Culinary school – Dao Tao Bep Truong A Au – Announces New Culinary Courses and Training Programs

With an aim to satisfy the social demands, Dao Tao Bep Truong A Au sets itself a goal of vocational guidance and training, contributing to the improvement of culinary human resources in Vietnam and all over the world.

Dao Tao Bep Truong A Au keeps on making a great effort to become a leading multifunctional and professional training system and sets a bar for other culinary courses.

The school possesses modern facilities, European-based curriculum and prestigious Vietnamese chefs and culinary professionals including Mr Nguyen Thanh Tung, Mr Pham Tuan Hai, Mr David Thai, Ms Dieu Thao, etc as experienced and whole-hearted trainers.

Dao Tao Bep Truong is proud to be the only training unit in Vietnam allowed by Directorate of vocational education and training to open professional culinary courses and grant Chef certificates.

The school also provides trainees with an ideal learning environment where they can practice their skills at their best to become future culinary professionals, inheriting and promoting Vietnamese’s cuisine quintessence to the entire world.

Moreover, Dao Tao Bep Truong A Au has two dorms for remote trainees, providing the best chance for them to complete their studying.

After graduation, trainees shall be offered multiple job opportunities at local restaurants and hotels. Besides that, they as well participate in many soft skills clubs, culinary English classes to enhance their communication in a foreign language. They are equipped with construction and management skills applied to moderate or small restaurants, and are qualified to work in five-star hotels.

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