Cuban Singer-Songwriter Silvito El Nórdico Touches Hearts with New Album Dedicated to Sister, Hints at More Music Coming Soon

With his nostalgic latest single, “Hermanita,” Cuban-Finnish artist Silvito El Nórdico tenderly serenades his devoted sister while his passionate fanbase awaits his next release, “Eres mi sueño,” another swooning romance ballad celebrating love.


Tampere, Finland – Silvito El Nórdico, the rising Nordic Cuban singer-songwriter making waves with his unique blend of Latin pop, rock, and folk, has released his latest album “Hermanita (Balada)” – a moving dedication to his sister back home in Cuba. The album dropped last month to an outpouring of praise from fans and critics alike.

True to his intensely personal and heartfelt songwriting style, “Hermanita” sees Silvito laying his emotions bare with a tribute to the sibling who cared for their mother while he studied and worked abroad. “She was taking care of our mother all those years. We were a very poor family,” he shared. When Silvito was a university student, his sister was already working and supporting him and their mother despite their financial difficulties.

“With this song, I want to thank her for everything she has done and wish the best for her too,” said the Nordic Latino performer, who has lived in Finland for many years while his family remains in Cuba.

The stripped-back ballad builds slowly with melancholy guitar, mournful strings, and Silvito’s distinctive, affecting vocals. Spanish lyrics brimming with gratitude capture a family bond that endures across the miles: “Mi Hermanita linda gracias por cumplir y cuidar de esa madre” (My beautiful little sister, thank you for fulfilling and taking care of our mother).

Fans are lauding “Hermanita” as Silvito’s most personal work yet. “You can feel the emotion pouring out of him; it brings me to tears every time,” commented one listener on social media. “This level of musical storytelling just touches your soul,” wrote another fan.

It’s this unique personal touch that has seen Silvito El Nórdico rapidly capture listeners’ hearts since he embarked on his musical career just three years ago. “I have written songs and poems since I was a student,” shared Silvito. “A few years ago, I decided to begin this career as a singer and songwriter, setting up a music home studio. I have already released nine songs in the last three years.”

The musician credits his Cuban roots and his father-in-law – a guitarist and singer himself – for initially sparking his musical passion. “We used to have a lot of songbooks at home, and I tried to learn the lyrics and sing them,” he recalled. “Dancing was a second step. I enjoyed dancing and singing.” In time, Silvito took lessons to polish his vocal techniques and worked as a dance instructor and singing practitioner to hone his craft.

Now, with the runaway success of “Hermanita” under his belt, Silvito is already hinting that more new music will soon be on the way for his eagerly awaiting fans.

“I am so happy with the response to my latest release – it is the most personal song I have put out into the world,” said the musician. “I cannot wait to get back into the studio and record more songs I’ve been writing. The next one is called ‘Eres Mi Sueño’ (‘You Are My Dream’), and I think listeners will really connect with it too.” 

While details on the new track remain under wraps, one thing is clear – Silvito El Nórdico is cementing himself as one of Latin music’s most intriguing and soul-searching new voices. With his unique hybrid sound spanning genres, languages, and cultures, he looks set to continue resonating with increasingly wider global audiences.

For now, fans continue to have “Hermanita” on repeat, as this humble breakout Cuban star continues to win hearts with his most intimate work yet – a cross-culture musical letter from a brother to a sister, across the miles but bonded for life.

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Silvito El Nórdico is a Cuban-Finnish singer-songwriter renowned for his tender and poetic ballads that connect Latin styles with Nordic aesthetics. A passionate musician from childhood, Silvito left his dance instruction career to pursue music full-time finally. He has since built an international fanbase with his unique bicultural identity and authentic storytelling lyrics on themes like family, romance, and the immigrant experience. Silvito performs heartfelt Spanish boleros and salsa fused with European melodies to transcend cultural and language barriers in songs rich with nostalgia, sentiment, and soaring vocals.

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