C-Toys Inc Launches Indiegogo Crowdfund Campaign for First-Ever Dynamic 3D Maze Puzzle, C-MAZE

C-Toys Inc Launches Indiegogo Crowdfund Campaign for First-Ever Dynamic 3D Maze Puzzle, C-MAZE

The first and only dynamic 3D maze puzzle that is both challenging and mesmerizing.

January 11, 2021 – C-Toys Inc, a start-up toy company that aims to create mentally stimulating puzzles, toys and games has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its debut invention, an innovative and dynamic 3D puzzle called C-Maze. The one-of-a-kind puzzle is addictive and fun and is proven to be both challenging and mesmerizing for everyone.

The Rubik’s cube was a phenomenal hit due to the mental stimulation it provided to millions worldwide. Similarly, C-Maze is the first and only dynamic 3D maze puzzle great for those stimulated by mentally challenging puzzles and games. It is an ideal tool for students, parents, schools, and people who are interested in children’s education. It is also perfect for everyone else who just likes puzzles.

C-Maze has been created to improve spatial thinking skills. It is a dynamic 3D puzzle with six independently rotatable maze panels. The goal is to move an indicator from a starting position to a finish position by finding a continuous path through six rotatable faces.

What is amazing about C-Maze is that its six panels can be swapped with each other to create 15 puzzles of different difficulty levels making it actually 15 puzzles in 1. A piece of more exciting news to puzzle lovers is that C-Toys Inc just announced that more face panels will be released to make even more puzzles, just a 7th panel alone can create 75 new puzzles! These new face panels will make the current C-Maze either easier or more challenging and regardless of their arrangement, the puzzle is solvable. C-Maze comes in a variety of colors, as seen in the picture below.

C-Maze is the brainchild of C-Toys Inc, a start-up company founded in 2017 by a group of passionate puzzle solvers and toymakers. The goal of the company is to create innovative mazes, puzzles, toys, and games that everyone can enjoy. C-Maze is their first invention that is fully patented in the USA for which C-Toys Inc has also partnered with a local injection molding company to manufacture all C-Maze puzzles in New York and the project is now in the production stage. To this effect, C-Toys Inc has launched C-Maze as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo hoping that it will generate enough funds to make the project a resounding success and so that C-Maze becomes available to all.

For more information: https://igg.me/at/c-maze

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