Putting a stop to cyberstalking and bullying.

24 July, 2017 – The leading anti-stalking group is proud to make known to the general public that STALKERS CAN BE TAMED!

Life is sometimes a misery, no situation is permanent, especially the wrong aspect of life. Many times there are strong supports for evil deeds, yet the truth eventually will overturn the situation.

In the heart of evil perpetrators, they never want an end to come, not to talk of any interference that may pause or halt their evil dealings

Bringing a situation under control or order can never be something impossible, though it can be a difficult task. That weird or negative situation sure has an end the same way it has a beginning…..even stalking!

To put a stop to unwanted, weird or wild happenings, there must be a stronger and greater force that ensures it doesn’t continue. Natural factors may also orchestrate it. It may also be as a result of efforts gathered towards putting an end to whatever the stuff may be. These actions can either be from those in the unwanted situation or an entity that feels concern about those affected.

Stalking and bullying start in a way with a reason; sometimes the victim might have carelessly got engaged with those who take these advantages and stalk them in return. It may also start as a result of mere jealousy or hatred.

People find themselves in trouble they never bargained for, they hope to get out of it but have no idea of how to go about it. Stalking victims’ keep their predicament secrets to themselves hoping their stalkers would get satisfied and have a change of mind. Sometimes they feel letting out the information of their stalking predicament would land them into more trouble, well that seems through, but that is if the discussion was let out to a wrong person.

It’s better to let the bag loose in the quest for the solution than remain silent and be killed.

Teenagers can open up to parents, while parents carefully handle the situation by reporting to bodies that could be of help or law enforcement agencies.

The safety of the victim should be put into consideration at all times this is why there is need to be careful about whom to discuss the issue with in details.

The CSI awareness group is one of the leading anti-bullying organizations with giant strides, rescuing and protecting victims from being continually bullied, giving support and therapy to victims with PSTD.

The team has also improvised by creating software that has been discovered very usefully in the fight against cyber stalking and bullying.

The CSI software has earned a lot of accolades and approval of many which include the law enforcement agency in Tennessee.

Stalking is a jailable offense, these stalkers know this quite well, due to this fact they threaten their victims not to tell anyone, knowing fully if they are caught they could get jailed….Kris Degioia

Kris Degioia was once a stalking victim with one of the biggest stalking case in the history of USA. Today she is famous for being an influencer to women, a national speaker and an advocate for cyberstalking victims.

The CSI team is blessed with great intellectual minds which also include a forensic investigator in the person of Bryan Seely.

The CSI AWARENESS group can be trusted for handling all cyber security and bullying related matters!

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