Cryptography and Storage Expert Alex Wang of YottaChain Invited to Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo 2018

“Alex Wang (center) Founder of YottaChain speaks on a panel about “can blockchain technology help the new generation of data security””

YottaChain made its surprise debut in the Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo held in New York on August 30, 2018. Its founder, Alex Wang, was invited as a cryptography and storage expert by the host to the Expo to give an insightful speech.

The Blockchain Without Borders Digital Expo 2018 attracted more than 1000 attendees to discuss innovations in the field. It was co-hosted by LIAOYUAN and Spark Blockchain Incubator and organized by AstroHash with strong support from more than 100 institutions including Node Capital, Rentian Agriculture Technology, Bishijie, Coinness, Jinse Finance, Cointime, GXChain, CollinStar, CryptoRacle, North U.S. Blockchain and SV Insight.

YottaChain founder and cryptography and storage expert Alex Wang joined Node Capital partner Leon Shi, GXChain North America manager Yunpeng Ding, ThoughtWorks principal technologist and data scientist Ari Kamlani and Deuro co-founder Grey Chen for panel discussion. The industry experts explored the question, “can blockchain technology help the new generation of data security.”

As Wang said during the talk, data encryption is a highlight for traditional centralized storage. Safeguarding data security is difficult as the centralized server is vulnerable to attacks and other personal interferences. Decentralized storage achieved by blockchain technology through its distributed ledger ensures unprecedented data safety, as files encrypted and uploaded to blockchain are tamper proof, open and transparent. However, this causes loss of the important data encryption feature. The nodes of decentralized storage are trustless by themselves, the source codes are open and each storage node is accessible to everyone, so it is appropriate to store such public data as webpage, but not fit for storing data relating to personal privacy or proprietary business information. YottaChain uses innovative technology to enable zero-knowledge data encryption in the field of blockchain.

YottaChain is a basic public blockchain that exclusively owns TruPrivacy technology and in essence is a decentralized storage network. In addition, YottaChain introduces multiple data security mechanisms by inheriting existing storage design of IPFS and provides other blockchain projects with a solid, safe, reliable and low-cost basic framework of support and data storage services. By combining data encryption and data deduplication, YottaChain promises to greatly promote future development of blockchain storage.

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