CryptoAdSolution launches the “world’s first Crypto Masternode Advertising Coin”

Community-focused advertising platform, CryptoAdSolution, aiming to revolutionize the world of digital currency advertising with the launch of CADS – the “world’s first Crypto Masternode Advertising Coin”

CryptoAdSolution is community-focused advertising platform that is designed to take cryptocurrency advertising to a whole new level by rewarding customers for consuming and running cryptocurrency advertising. CryptoAdSolution has announced the launch of the first of its kind Crypto Masternode Advertising Coin – CADS coin, which will be the bedrock for what seems to be a revolution not only in advertising but in the cryptocurrency space as a whole.

The world of digital currency has grown to become one of the most effective financial payment solutions in recent times. Built on the unique blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency space is yet to be fully harnessed. This can be largely attributed to the lack of adequate advertising channels for stakeholders in the industry, which has limited the reach of businesses, as well as inhibited more people from knowing about the unique features and benefits of cryptocurrency. This is where CryptoAdSolution is looking to make a difference in the digital currency world.

CryptoAdSolution is providing a wide range of unique products for the different stakeholders in the industry, with its amazing advertising platform rewarding consumers and even publishers of digital currency ads. The community-based platform has announced the launch of the initial coin offering of its token – the CADS coin, which will be the digital currency to be used on the platform.

CryptoAdSolution is basically bringing the features and benefits of smart contracts and masternodes to marketing, advertising and traffic frequency, consequently creating an ecosystem that unites the interests of many customers and communities backed up by a Masternode concept. The unique connection brings together crypto-based advertising, revenue generation and cryptocurrencies, and Masternodes Coins and Blockchain.

CryptoAdSolution is consequently offering 5 different innovative products to customers including Advertising packages, Tailored Advertising Plan, Advertising Marketplace, CryptoAPPSolution, and ADEXCHANGE 2020, the CryptoAdSolution AdExchange.

Each of the products offer blockchain based advertising solutions to make crypto related advertising easy and feasible for everyone, regardless of their level of skill or size of budget. CryptoAdSolution will also be providing customers with a unique way of generating an income stream now and in the future. All the products offer customers a multitude of possibilities and reveal the benefits of the CADS coin.

The pre-sale of the CADS, which will be offering a total of 100 million will commence in the September of 2018, providing interested persons with a unique opportunity to be a part of the revolution in the cryptocurrency space.

The end of the pre-sale phase will lead to the consideration of all current and in the white paper prices have to be considered. This phase will be CADS Coins, Masternodes and Advertising Packages for sale.

The CryptoAdSolution team is comprised of highly experienced and well trained blockchain technology and marketing experts.

More information about CryptoAdSolution and the different products offered can be found on the website, YouTube, and Telegram.

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