Cruz Phone Case Protect from RFID Credit Card Thief

February 14, 2017 – Cruz Phone Cases ( now offer phone cases that protect from RFID credit card thief. 

Most all credit cards now are being replaced with cards embedded with a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chip inside. This enables retailers, banks and other commerce outlets to quickly scan and access bank information for payment. However, this new credit card RFID chip is a double edge sword with benefits and risks. 

Accessing the RFID information provide access to bank account information. A growing crime is the unauthorized and undetected scanning directly from your wallet or purse. Would-be thieves using a battery operated hand scanner can easily walk though any crowded room passing the scanner seeking the RFID information. But now there is a preventative option available for most all credit card holders. 

Cruz Cases, already known for providing maximum protection from cell phone radiation directed out of the front of the phone towards your brain and body has added the frequency blocking material into the case construction to block the RFID signals as well. Credit cards placed in the Cruz Case card holder are blocked from being scanned. 

“I recently interviewed a small mobile phone shop owner,” reports John Cruz, founder of Cruz Cases. “He explained to me while he was traveling someone used a hand scanner to walk by undetected and scan his credit card. He lost all the money in that account.” 

Cruz Cases support over 22 different mobile phones making the Cruz Case as viable for RFID thief protection as well as blocking the powerful EMF signals directed towards the brain.

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