Cruising into the Future: Hits the Seas, Pioneering a New Era of Affordable Cruises

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Set your course for savings as takes the helm, promising a wave of unprecedented cruise deals that will make every voyage an unforgettable adventure. Today marks the official launch of, a revolutionary platform dedicated to making cruising accessible to all., your dedicated cruise deal whisperers, have embarked on a mission to transform the way travelers experience the high seas. With an obsessive eye on 48+ cruise lines, the platform meticulously tracks price changes, ensuring that epic deals on amazing voyages are delivered straight to your inbox every Tuesday.

“Cruising often carries the reputation of being a high-cost adventure, but we’re here to change that narrative,” says Sarah Rudel, the visionary behind “We understand that discovering the best deals can be tricky, and our commitment is to make cruising accessible to all who dream of setting sail.”

What sets apart is their passion for scouring the web for truly epic deals. In a world where prices and offers shift by the minute, the platform’s team of experts compare, evaluate, and curate the top deals, guaranteeing savings like never before. This dedication to excellence ensures that every Tuesday, subscribers receive an email filled with exclusive EpicCruiseDeals that promise unbeatable value.

The cruise industry operates on a unique playing field, unlike the standardized fares of the aviation industry. For the exact same sailing, one person may be quoted price A, while another receives price B. levels the playing field, ensuring that every traveler has access to the best possible deals, no matter the destination. is not just a platform; it’s a passion and a lifestyle. The journey began with a group of avid cruisers searching for the best deals for themselves. What started as a personal quest evolved into a mission to share these incredible deals with friends, family, and now the world. “We are so grateful for your support,” Sarah Rudel adds, “and we can’t wait to see you setting sail on the cruise of your dreams.”

As takes its maiden voyage into the cruise industry, it invites travelers from around the world to join the adventure. Unleash the explorer in you and let be your guide to unbeatable savings on unforgettable journeys.

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