Crucible Cookware Launches Knife Set (6 Pieces) with Magnetic Block on Amazon

November 16th, 2017: The 6-Pieces Kitchen Knife Set with a magnetic stand is now available for sale at Amazon. The product which is sold by Crucible Cookware is launched with a 75% OFF coupon offer on Amazon for the first couple of days. The coupon is utilized from the product page on Amazon.

The six knives include 8 inch chef knife, 2.5 mm, 8 inch bread knife, 2.5 mm, 8 inch Carving Knife, 2.5 mm, 5 inch utility knife, 2.0 mm, 3.5 inch paring knife, 2.0 mm.

The magnetic stand is not only visually appealing and unique it also serves the purpose of organizing and protecting the edges of the knives as well as facilitate the process of finding the correct knife when you need it – since the knife blades are visible all the time on the knife block.



Due to the sharpness of these knives (stainless steel with high-carbon for better precision when cutting), you can feel safe while using them because the risk of a knife slipping against the surface of foods resulting in an accident is reduced when a knife is sharp.

“Most people have never seen a magnetic knife stand before. Couple that with the exclusive knives with the immensely beautiful handles and it will blow your friends’ minds! The knife set exhibits high quality and confidence to the kitchen and the knives are great to work with.” said Crucible Cookware sales representative while explaining the benefits of the magnetic block in the knives.

The fact that the knives will not be mixed up, with the blades hidden, in the standard knife block means that it will be easy to find the right knives when you need them.



The 6 piece kitchen knives are made of durable materials; the blades are made of stainless steel with high carbon which gives them precision and longevity. The kitchen knives handles are made of stainless steel have a unique exclusive pattern on the side and are comfortable to hold while using the knives. With these features the sales representative said that the set has the capacity to last a lifetime.

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