Crowdfunding Campaign Live Now for A Shopping App by a User-Centric Design Team of Volunteers

Determined and innovative define inventors Yefan Wei and Albert Lam, the creators of the SalePointer smartphone app: a shopping app that provides its users personalized alerts to savings and directions to the on-sale items. The duo has taken their invention to the most popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, with the hopes to build backing and attract funding for their dream project. The SalePointer campaign is currently live and the team is seeking a funding goal of at least $60,000 CAD before Sun, May 1, 2016 to cover the development, operations and marketing expenses for the app.

Yefan and Albert took the initiative to develop a retail customer-centric smartphone application that will allow its users to find products according to their personal preferences to price, product, brand and proximity. The app is able to accomplish this after the user has built a profile using either a template or by requesting retail items using the “save search” function. This will be the second time the team is pitching their product to the online crowd. Ten months earlier Yefan and Albert launched an unsuccessful “bmyguest today” campaign. However, the duo’s faith in their product has not wavered, thus, they have continued to improve upon their primary idea of the customer-centric sale shopping app and brought it to live production.

Albert said: “We haven’t aborted the project instead we have brought the prototype to live production! We believe our app will allow consumers to find deals in a more user-friendly way, and benefit them in everyday shopping. The app has been designed to eliminate the hassle of wading through paper flyers and coupons, where consumers were not always finding what they needed. For retailers, the cost of printing and distribution can be high with no real understanding of any return on that expense.”

The team has used their extensive market research as a base for the app’s purpose and design, and their research has enabled them to identify a segment of the market that has yet to be catered to. Albert edified: “Stats showed 56% of Retailers are willing to use our app; 33% prefer to see it first and 11% showed no interest – that’s 89% of retailers willing to try it out! Stats also showed 52% of Consumers will use our app; 38% prefer to see it first and 10% show no interest – That’s 90% of consumers willing to try it out!”

The ongoing Kickstarter campaign, with a $60,000 CAD funding goal, has had some progress since its launch, however the campaign has a long way to go to achieve its target. The team behind the project is looking toward the generosity of the online crowd who are savvy shoppers, love bargains, and are open to new ideas that revolutionize day to day activities. The funds raised through the current crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects necessary for further development and enhancement of the product. Portions will also be used to market the app to a large-target market as well as Kickstarter fees and transactions.

A variety of different rewards* and perks are being offered for those who support the campaign through monetary contributions. The rewards will include specially designed and manufactured items which will be given according to the amount pledged.

On the subject of risks and challenges, the team is ready to take on any that may arise. Albert said: “The entrepreneurial spirit of our team members is a blessing! They’re willing to commit their own time and set aside their own compensation for the benefit of others and their local communities.” The team is committed to making their dream project a reality, they are confident that the many benefits it has to offer to its users will make the app a success!

The SalePointer app is currently listed in the Apple App store as a free download and the team is working on the Android version to be released later in 2016.

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SalePointer was created by two passionate inventors two years ago; – a professional market researcher and statistician with 20 years’ experience, and a young graduate in geometrics and software development. Albert Lam is a professional market researcher, statistician, business strategist, and analyst. Yefan Wei is a BES graduate from the University of Waterloo whose main interest and experience are in web GIS development. For more information:

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