Crowdfunding Campaign for Soggl Now Live.

Joachim Kjellgren, a music fan and also a musician has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for a Musical co-creation platform that will allow musicians and listeners to have a more interactive experience. The Soggl app is a concept to individualize the music experience for listeners and a way for artists to see what ideas work for the listeners. The initiative was taken by the company to raise funds to cover the costs of development, operations, marketing and various other expenses, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on the most popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with a funding goal of at least kr500,000 to be raised by Mon, May 2, 2016.

The development of the internet and smart devices has paved the way for a new era of artistic collaboration and partnerships, furthermore the audience of today has way more knowledge than ever before and this is what Soggl app would be encouraging and supporting. The app will serve as a bridge between musicians and the listeners which will allow them to work together in a co-creating environment unlike ever before.

“Soggl started as an idea to create and experience music in a new way. It is influenced by the creative spark that occurs when musicians and songwriters get together in the rehearsal space or studio to toss ideas around and make music. By taking that inspired co-creating method out of those environments and out in the public, “sound toggling” was born.” Joachim explained the idea behind the app.

He further added:  “It´s a great concept to individualize the music experience for listeners and a way for artists to see what ideas that works on the listener. Musical co-creation will now be available to everybody, much to the benefit of both the listener and the artist, so it is really a win-win situation.”

The funds raised through the current crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects necessary for the completion of the app for iPhone and Android. A majority of the funding will be assigned to developing an easy to use, reliable and functional app, with dynamic features.

A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions the rewards will include specially designed and manufactured items which will be given according to the amount of money pledged.

To learn more and support the project, please visit:

About: Soggl is a new Swedish company that is currently working on a brand new music service which focuses heavily on co-creation with the artist and interactive user experience, rather than passive listening.

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