CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd. Offers Tennis Court Construction and Resurfacing

CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd. Is a family owned company that does sport court construction and resurfacing, landscape designing and planning, and professional grading. Services for sport courts come with a warranty and include, but are not limited to, interlocking pathways, professional drainage systems, base installations, and fencing. Though the company specializes in providing tennis courts, others such as basketball, roller hockey, volleyball, and shuffleboard courts as well as putting greens and ice rinks can be provided. CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd. offers different surfaces for tennis courts as well as for tennis court reconstruction services for clients with differing interests.

“We are dedicated to providing clients with the best sport court and the best experience possible,” states a CrowAll spokesperson. The company has constructed tennis courts for a number of years in varying locations with help from a team whose members have long been in the industry.

The sport courts built by CrowAll have the option of having asphalt penetration, clay court, or artificial grass surfaces. Asphalt Penetration is one of CrowAll’s more recognized services. It reduces the possible pain and injury players can receive from playing on a hard court, and it does not require maintenance. Clay court tennis surfaces allow players to slide during a play, and it is a softer surface, which is optional for a player’s back knees, and joints. This surface does require maintenance, which is a service CrowAll is able to provide. Artificial grass courts are often enjoyed by athletes who consider the material to be gentler on the joints, and artificial grass courts require minimal maintenance.

CrowAll also offers court resurfacing options which are done in partnership with the company, Laykold. Court resurfacing is done to minimize as well as prevent cracks in a court’s surface, extend a court’s life, and maintain a court’s appearance. Courts are resurfaced with an acrylic latex coating, but if the court has deteriorated to a certain degree, an asphalt penetration lift is used instead as an alternative to a total reconstruction of the court.

Other features provided by CrowAll include the designing and planning of landscapes as well as laser grading. Landscape designing and planning serves to incorporate a court within an area in a manner that appeals, is effective, and works with the environment. Customers are able to decide if the court blends in with its surroundings, or if it would benefit from personalization. Laser grading uses an an automated laser to ensure materials are properly placed and the necessary areas are properly landscaped. Laser grading requires less workers and is faster than traditional grading.

About CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd.

CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd. Is a family owned and run company that operates in the sports courts industry. The company provides multiple options for court surfaces and resurfacing, and also assists in the designing and planning of landscapes, and laser grading. The company’s mission is to ensure customers receive excellent service alongside the courts that are provided.

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