croit North America Inc. is thrilled to Announce the Release of a User Interface Upgrade

croit North America Inc. is thrilled to Announce the Release of a User Interface Upgrade
Improved performance and ease of use for the software appliance that installs Ceph in under five minutes

croit North America Inc (croit) a storage software appliance incorporating Linux, Ceph, and management software that installs and upgrades Ceph in minutes and allows organizations to manage Ceph or DAOS with just one staff for up to 20 Petabytes, today announced the release of croit for Ceph v2308.0 and croit for DAOS v2308.0 with an improved user interface that improves GUI performance and ease of use.

“We are very pleased to provide our clients with an improved user interface that goes even farther to simplify Ceph and DAOS, which normally requires a high expertise these open-source software platforms, but with croit becomes just another storage platform than any enterprise can deploy and manage easily,” said Martin Verges, CEO croit North America. “There is no better time to access the economics of open source with the simplicity and support of croit.”

Businesses across various industries can significantly benefit from croit for Ceph and croit for DAOS. These solutions cater to a diverse range of enterprises, particularly those with substantial data archives and data lakes for workloads such as AI or ML. Companies with extremely high-performance requirements, seeking to achieve very low cost per GB, find these solutions to be particularly advantageous. Moreover, organizations experiencing growth in their virtualization or Kubernetes environments can leverage croit for Ceph and croit for DAOS to meet their evolving storage needs. These solutions are well-suited for businesses managing hundreds of applications that utilize object, block, or file storage. Additionally, companies embarking on storage consolidation and cost reduction programs will find croit solutions instrumental in streamlining their operations and optimizing resource utilization.

The croit software appliance deploys and manages Linux and Ceph or DAOS as a pre-validated stack, allowing automated installation and upgrades that are non-disruptive to running applications.

“We have designed croit for Ceph and croit for DAOS such that installing and managing these open-source platforms is as easy as any other enterprise storage platform, but at a fraction of the cost,” stated Evan Miller, North America Business Development for croit.

As data grows by 30% per year, companies need a way to avoid the same growth in storage cost.  croit helps companies get off that unsustainable cost trend and move to a storage platform trusted by CERN, Bloomberg, Intel, and many other companies to store and process their mission critical data.

If your business is facing massive data growth with a declining storage budget, consider croit for Ceph or croit for DAOS.  Want to learn more about croit?  Request a demo or POC at the official croit website

About croit North America Inc

croit North America Inc (croit) is an open-source software company that provides an appliance with management software that installs and upgrades Ceph or DAOS in minutes and allows management of 20 Petabytes with just one staff skilled in Linux.  croit allows enterprises to access the economics of open source without the complexity of open source.

croit makes open-source storage easy.

The word “croit” is French for the English word “believes”.

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