CRMDialer Added as Business Partners for CRM by ADOBE

CRMDialer is pleased to announce that it has recently been added as business partners for CRM by ADOBE. CRMDialer will be given the tools and resources to build and deliver solutions that integrate with Adobe Document Cloud.

With this amazing partnership, CRMDialer will be able to close deals faster with Adobe Sign and Salesforce.Adobe Salesforce Alternative will simplify signing processes so CRMDialer – and its clients – can reach success faster. Adobe Sign works across Salesforce clouds and supports the latest technologies like Lightning and Salesforce1 mobile.

CRMDialer will be able to do more with Adobe Salesforce Alternative. Adobe Salesforce Alternative will make it easier for CRMDialer to minimize business and legal risks with automated signature processes and authentication. They’ll always know where each agreement is, and keep a complete record that can be audited.

CRMDialer will reap the benefit of speed signing by Adobe Sign and Dynamics 365. Adobe Sign works seamlessly with Dynamics 365, Online, and On-Prem to help CRMDialer close deals faster, reduce risk, and increase retention.CRMDialer will be able to send contracts, agreements, and other documents for signature in a single click – without ever leaving Dynamics CRM. Recipients can sign and return contracts from a web browser or mobile device.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Alternative, CRMDialer will also be able to minimize data entry and errors, completely automate their quote-to-cash process by embedding Adobe Sign into multistep Microsoft Dynamics workflows, and keep track of document status throughout the signing process.Adobe Sign integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 will allow CRMDialer to populate a contract while on the phone talking to a prospect and press send. The prospect can electronically sign while on the phone without any hold up. It’s a far more engaging process.

For more information, please visit: www.crmdialer.comor send an email to

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