Criminal Justice Attorney Adam M. Lustberg Announces Service Area Expansion in New Hackensack, New Jersey Neighborhoods

Criminal Justice Attorney Adam M. Lustberg Announces Service Area Expansion in New Hackensack, New Jersey Neighborhoods

Hackensack, New Jersey, a city with a rich history and a diverse mix of cultural, recreational, and historical venues, will soon see the presence of Adam M. Lustberg of Lustberg Law Offices in more of its neighborhoods. The esteemed criminal justice attorney has unveiled his plans to expand the area of service to new communities within Hackensack.

Located in Bergen County, Hackensack, New Jersey, is a city rich in history. First settled by the Lenape Native Americans and later the Dutch, the city has evolved into an urban hub with a diverse community. It’s the county seat of Bergen County, housing the Bergen County Judiciary, County Government, world-renowned Hackensack University Medical Center, and the historic New Jersey Naval Museum—home to the USS Ling, a World War II-era submarine.

The city’s geography is also unique; Hackensack, New Jersey is divided by the Hackensack River, offering a wealth of waterfront areas and scenic spots. Among these, the Hackensack River County Park stands as a symbol of serenity amidst urban life. It’s a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking respite from the city’s fast-paced life.

Beyond its history and geography, Hackensack, New Jersey, is a city of vibrant culture. The Hackensack Cultural Arts Center and the Hackensack Performing Arts Center are testament to this. They’ve become the city’s cultural heart, hosting an array of events ranging from theatrical productions to art exhibitions and concerts, offering residents a rich blend of entertainment and artistic expression.

“Expanding into new neighborhoods in Hackensack is part of the commitment to being accessible to more people in need of legal assistance,” says Adam M. Lustberg. “This initiative aligns with the belief in being a significant part of the communities served, and Hackensack, with its diverse community and rich history, stands out as an ideal place for this expansion.”

He continues, “Hackensack is not just a city with beautiful parks and a lively arts scene. It’s a place where every street has a story, every building has a past, and every resident contributes to its dynamic present. It’s a community that values justice and fairness, and the aim is to uphold those values.”

The service expansion promises to provide more Hackensack residents with the opportunity to access Lustberg Law Offices’ services. As a respected figure in the legal field, Lustberg is known for his dedication to justice and his unwavering commitment to his clients.

The city of Hackensack, New Jersey, is set to see a wider presence of Lustberg Law Offices in its neighborhoods. This expansion underscores the firm’s commitment to serving its community and upholding the principles of justice, right in the heart of a city known for its historical significance, geographical allure, and cultural vibrancy.

Throughout this expansion, Lustberg Law Offices will remain steadfast in its mission, embodying the spirit and values of the Hackensack community, and ensuring their services reach those who need them most.


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