Companies and businesses having huge employees and expanding their businesses overseas one of the toughest jobs they would face is relocating the employees for a small sojourn on a business or official trip. At times these trips are worth the salaries of the employees and have to bear them. This proves to be a big burden on the spending’s of the company. The profits a company earns from an overseas project is squelched up by the employee lodging costs. If there is a way to overcome these costs then that would surely result in profits of the company going up in terms of overseas projects.

If there is a way to mitigate these costs that would surely help the companies trying to establish themselves in the foray of businesses? Just to solve this problem companies have established themselves to help the businesses to cope up with the lodging costs when sending their employees overseas. Room rates are the biggest concern on the employer’s side, and any company offering to help employers in regard to this has to offer prices very competent to the prices offered by the local travel agents. And if paying for empty rooms is a concern, the lodging company has to track and report on specific details, so that the employer would know at-a-glance which employees occupy which rooms.

Apart from the lodging facilities these facilitating companies also offer help in regard to the reporting, providing the logistics they require to carry on the particular task, communication technology to the employee’s working in at a new place. Credit solutions, Accounting Solutions, Employee Compensation Solutions, Dispatch Services, Key Metrics Reporting services add up to the tally of sophistication by the facilities company toward the employer. These are few key aspects that an employer would look at in choosing a facilities company, apart from the low lodging costs. Companies or facilities agencies having a checklist of these services along with the low lodging fare would be on the hotlist of the employers.

“About Us” Summary for the organization:

Crew logistic advisory services are established and are available all throughout theThe United States, Canada & Mexico. Hotels, Lodges, Man camps and Corporate Apartments.  Discounted rooms at the top rated 2.5 and 3-star facilities. Are offered by them for lodging. The team has managed, leased, rented and booked hundreds of thousands of rental, hotel, and workforce lodging products over the life of their careers. Because of the time spent in the field establishing these relationships, has the opportunity to pass on volume savings to the clients, through reduced room rates and the control of charges. With years in the field inspecting, researching, testing and operating hotel, rental communities, workforce housing and short term rentals across the US, crew facilities implemented a 14 point vetting process which they use to determine the preferred facilities which comply with the required health, safety, environmental and quality standards. was formed because they were disheartened by facilities, workforce providers, and booking agencies overcharging their customers.  It is not a booking agency, third party organization, corporate lodging or workforce lodging provider, but an employee travel management company.  Their mission is to ensure that the customers are controlling what they spend on crew travel every single day.  Encouraging their clients to price other vendors and facilities against their market researched rate findings.

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