Creative Proteomics Made a Plan to Develop its Bioinformatics Services

October 10, 2016, Creative Proteomics, as a leading supplier in proteomics products and services, has made a plan to develop its bioinformatics services, which now has gained more and more attention from experienced scientists and research personnel.

According to Dr. David, an experienced scientist in Creative Proteomics, this plan is mainly focusing on developing two kinds of services, including functional annotation and enrichment analysis service and network analysis service.

Bioinformatics for proteomics research plays a very important role. Based on years of research experience, Creative Proteomics can offer some items in bioinformatics for customers, including clustering analysis, statistical analysis, protein sequence analysis and so on. However, its recent plan is mainly about functional annotation and enrichment analysis service and network analysis service.

Functional annotation and enrichment analysis service

As a widely used service in bioinformatics of omics research, functional annotation and enrichment analysis service in Creative Proteomics can be offered multiplely, including KEGG annotation and enrichment analysis, COG/KOG annotation, GO annotation and enrichment analysis and so on. What’s more, Creative Proteomics is also a leading omics industry company in the world. In this plan, Creative Proteomics made three steps for this service, including identifying portions of the genome that do not code for proteins, identifying elements on the genome and attaching biological information to these elements. As for enrichment analysis service, steps include p-value calculation, evaluation of the statistical significance of a node or pathway based on the p-value and P-value is normalized and a false discovery rate is calculated for multiple hypothesis testing.

Network Analysis Service

In bioinformatics research, there is a service that can not be ignored—correlation networks. In network-based gene screening methods, correlation networks can be used to identify candidate biomarkers or therapeutic targets. This service, including IPA analysis, protein-protein interactions analysis and gene co-expression network analysis, from Creative Proteomics has been successfully applied in various biological contexts, such as cancer, mouse genetics, analysis of brain imaging data and yeast genetics. With more than 8 years’ experience in the field of bioinformatics, Creative Proteomics can offer the most reliable service for customers.

“this plan for developing our bioinformatics service will be a great step for Creative Proteomics to expand its impact on the proteomics field. We do believe that these services will be popular among scientists working in bioinformatics fields.” said Dr. David.

Due to its wide influence among omics industry companies, Creative Proteomics with nearly ten years of experience in offering proteomics products and services, can offer customers high-quality products and services. 

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