Creative Proteomics Held an Internal Seminar on Protein Quantification Service

June 12, 2017, an internal seminar was held at Shirley, New York by Creative Proteomics, a biotech company enjoying a good fame among proteomics fields. Creative Proteomics covers a variety of services and products for scientists working in proteomics fields all over the world. Its famous services are mainly focusing on protein quantification aspect.

“with this internal seminar, we mainly discuss the recent development of protein quantification services, including iTRAQ based Proteomics, SILAC based Proteomics and Absolute Quantification proteomics services. We all believe that through this seminar we can serve our customers better with high-quality services.” said Dr. Chen, senior scientific officer.

iTRAQ-based Proteomics Analysis

iTRAQ protein quantification service from Creative  Proteomics is commonly applied by scientists to unbiased untargeted biomarker discovery. With advanced performing platform and related techniques, some complicated process of biomarker discovery can be simplified. For instance, relative quantification of proteins for biomarker discovery by mass spectrometry can easily and quickly be achieved, because this service is designed with efficient and time-saving features.

SILAC-based Proteomics Analysis

Compared with itraq-based proteomics analysis service, this service is much more suitable for analyzing the large protein complexes, protein interaction and protein-small molecule interactions. This service is built with the characteristic that show how inhibitors, perturbations affect the dynamic properties and cellular distributions of proteins. In addition to this fantastic feature, scientists from Creative Proteomics also allow this service to determine the specific interation partners of proteins in cells.

Absolute Quantification Proteomics Service

With the development of scientific techniques, absolute quantification method has been improved to be qualified for a wide variety of quantitative proteomics studies. Especially the absolute quantification of proteins and their modification status. And the most notable point is that AQUA strategy from Creative Proteomics can provide absolute quantification by employing synthetic peptides containing stable isotopes. So it is regarded as a highly useful procedure for determining the levels of proteins and post-translational modifications.

Through this seminar, it is obviously promising for Creative Proteomics to develop more high-quality services in quantification proteomics fields. 

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