Creative Proteomics Announces Its Newly-developed Five Glycomics Services for Protein Scientists

SHIRLEY, NY – Mar 25, 2019 – Creative Proteomics, a leading supplier in drug development services, has recently released its newly-developed five glycomics services to researchers. The service ranges include five: N-glycan profiling, O-glycan profiling, N-glycosylation site occupation analysis, O-glycosylation site occupation analysis, and glycopeptides analysis.

With the increasing use of protein therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies, glycoproteins, hormones, cytokines and coagulation factors in clinical practice, routine monitoring of N-glycan profiling of proteins has become increasingly popular. At Creative Proteomics, MALDI-TOF MS and HILIC-UHPLC MS can be used for N-Glycan profiling.

Unlike N-glycans, there are no known O-linked amino acid consensus sequences. The O-glycans are structurally diverse. They can be divided into several structural families with relatively heterogeneous core structures. Creative Proteomics typically utilizes MALDI-TOF MS for O-glycan profiling. This allows MALDI TOF MS to analyze all O-glycans in the positive mode. Direct injection of O-glycans of permethylation into the mass spectrometer can provide information about the glycans composition.

N-glycosylation site occupation analysis is a physiological feature of glycoproteins and primarily contributes N-glycan macroheterogeneity. Characterizing the site-specific N-glycosylation including N-glycosylation site occupancy and site-specific glycan structure is important for an understanding of glycoprotein biosynthesis and function. In Creative Proteomics, general analytical strategies for variable N-glycosylation site occupancy include protein digestion, glycan release, separation of glibenclamide by liquid chromatography, and detection by mass spectrometry. There are also a couple of labeling or label-free quantitative approaches to quantify N-glycosylation site occupancy by using LC-MS/MS. 

O-linked glycans are generally much smaller than N-linked glycans and can be varied. They may also attach proteins at more likely sites, which increases the complexity of the analysis. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the exact position of O-glycosylation. Creative Proteomics can perform a high-quality O-glycosylation site occupation analysis.

Glycopeptides analysis provides very useful information about glycans on one or more proteins. It can be used to discover and characterize some novel and interesting molecules that lead to the development of new products. Comparing glycopeptides analysis can help diagnose or treat disease and is also beneficial for a better understanding of disease progression and pathology.

“Creative Proteomics is committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective services and products to laboratories and research institutes. Our newly-developed glycomics services are customized to meet the needs of our customers who believe in our scientists and Creative Proteomics”, said Dr. Charlie.

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Creative Proteomics, as a professional glycomics services supplier, has been equipped with advanced technologies to meet the growing needs of researchers and scientists in proteomics and metabolomics glycomics related researches.

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